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- - By jrw159 (*****) Date 08-16-2009 00:41 Edited 08-17-2009 17:26
OK someone asked about micro welding and I had some spare time and ran across this in my search. Pretty small. I wonder what two razor blades would look like. PPE?

Go to welders and the last three options have a short video in them.

Parent - - By SunstoneWelders Date 08-17-2009 17:04

I found this posting due to the amount of visits it generated to our Orion Jewelry website.  I thought that if there are that many people interested in learning more about our pulse-arc/ micro-tig welders, I should let you know about our industrial version of the welder - the Orion PA230 by Sunstone Engineering.

Here is the main page for the industrial welder:

Also, here is a page full of short video demos of the Orion PA230:

Sunstone Engineering is a US company that designs, engineers, and manufactures high-tech affordable welding solutions for a variety of industries and applications.  We offer fine-spot resistance and pulse arc equipment including:  Capacitive Discharge spot welders, AC resistance welders, Pulse-Arc/ Micro-Tig Welders, Weld Heads, Microjoining Light Force Weld Heads, hand-held weld attachments, and other welding accessories.  See more at

Kind Regards,
Sunstone Spot Welders
Parent - By DaveBoyer (*****) Date 08-18-2009 02:28
Parent - By microfusiondan (*) Date 08-28-2009 00:17
I put up some pics of the small stuff I do.;hl=micro
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