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Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / Pictures of Patrick's first time trying pipe 8 years old
- - By ronnie taylor (**) Date 08-16-2009 23:13 Edited 08-16-2009 23:20
Here are some pics of Patrick he is trying to keep it straight and has been wanting to try pipe so I let him try it Thanks for everyone's support
Attachment: PatricksWeld.jpg (59k)
Attachment: PatricksPipe.jpg (55k)
Attachment: DadandPatrick.jpg (59k)
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Parent - By okwelder82 (***) Date 08-16-2009 23:28
Looks good. He will make one heck of a pipe welder one of these days.
Parent - By bozaktwo1 (***) Date 08-16-2009 23:55
Parent - - By Tyler1970 (***) Date 08-17-2009 01:06
thats awsome. Guys like him, make a JAM UP welder when he can work!
Parent - - By pypLynr (***) Date 08-17-2009 01:48
Ronnie , I applaud you for the courage and patience you are displaying with your son . My grandpa did the same with me at 12 . I owe everything to him for who I am . Your son will admire you sooo much later in life for the little things . Even if he becomes a doctor or engineer ... he will always be a welder at heart . Just think ... he won't have to hire anyone to weld a pit up for him .   LOL    Keep it up my friend .   I'm doing the same with my kids ... all of them , two sons and my daughter . They all can weld .
Parent - By chris2698 (****) Date 08-17-2009 02:46
that is awsome seeing him so young doing so well gosh he could have everything paid off and be able to retire at 40 if he were to start pipe welding right when he gets outta high school. Teach him save, save, save, retire early and PLAY hard
Parent - By bigrod (**) Date 08-17-2009 04:21
thats awesome!  my dad taught me at that same age
Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 08-17-2009 14:51
Go Patrick Go!! By the time he is old enough to hire out he will be an ace. BTW nice hood. :-) Keep up the good work there youngster.

Parent - - By rick harnish (***) Date 08-17-2009 20:45
Hey! That root bead is in there!! GOOD JOB!
So many hands trying to break into pipe wanna work on pretty caps. Thats fine too. But until you can get that root, no one will ever see your cap.
Again, awesome job!!
Parent - - By chris2698 (****) Date 08-18-2009 00:06
Rick, I always had a problem with capping I never could understand it. I could run a root with my eyes closed but man to run the dang cap would kill me I don't get it. The cap took me a long time learn hell been so long not even sure I could run it maybe with a few practice runs. I have always been like that in life hard stuff was easy, easy stuff was hard yeah I know i'm weird LOL

Parent - - By slagline 3 (**) Date 08-18-2009 14:44
That shot of you and your boy brings back some great memories. My dad was a 798 hand way back there in the 50's. I also learned at an early age. Those
were some great times however it seems like a lifetime ago. Anyways great job and good luck to you and your son.
Parent - By jsdwelder (***) Date 08-18-2009 16:30
Could be a future VICA champion there!!!!!!
Parent - - By ronnie taylor (**) Date 08-18-2009 18:22 Edited 08-18-2009 19:30
Thanks everyone for your kind words and support for Patrick. It really means alot to him. I would like to give you a little bit of backgound . I grew up on my uncle's farm in west TN where I spent my afternoon's and summer's running 6010 red rod, where I learned what I call sweat of your brow values, my dad worked swing shifts as a welder in a steel mill and taught me about welding when he could but mostly learned from my uncle. I got into hanging steel right out of high school and welding some structural, worked production mig for a few years and wound up getting into hardwood flooring,  built a small company, nothing big. The houseing market went south about two years ago so I sold out and went back to my frist love witch is welding. Got into school to learn how to weld pipe and be a better structural welder. I have been in school for the last thirteen months (just started learning pipe a few weeks ago) I'll graduate in October . My wife owns a small trucking company, So I'd take patrick down to the shop with me to practice, Well he wanted to try so I let him run with it, Now he takes me with him to practice! He really loves it. He wants me to post some of my welds, So I said I would. Again, I would like to thank everyone for your post, you really inspire him, and you have reached hero status in his eyes. THANKS AGAIN !

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Parent - By bigrod (**) Date 08-18-2009 19:48
ur welds are looking good buddy!  thats a pretty sweet LH cap you have there too!  All it takes is time under the hood
Parent - - By johnnyh (***) Date 08-18-2009 20:12
Lookin' good.  You may want to practice making that a two-bead cap as well.  Is Patrick still wearing his PPE?
Parent - By chris2698 (****) Date 08-19-2009 02:35
AWSOME job Patrick, I'm jealous, that is really good. You're a natural.
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