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- - By factionfab (**) Date 08-22-2009 17:08
I was thinking of trying to join 798.  What is the screening process to get in?  And if I do get in how many people are on the out of work list now a days?
Thanks for the help.
Parent - By tnhnt (***) Date 08-22-2009 18:31
Hey Austin call me
Parent - By Tyler1970 (***) Date 08-22-2009 23:14
Parent - - By bullsnbets (**) Date 08-31-2009 22:44
I'm #557 as of this morning if that helps.
Parent - - By bigrod (**) Date 09-01-2009 14:38
out of how many and how big of an area?
Parent - By bullsnbets (**) Date 09-01-2009 19:05
That was close to the last spot on the wheel for 798. From what I hear, they seem to go through the list fairly quickly. There are several other ways to hire out on Union work other than waiting for your number to come up. You can hire out directly through the Union Contractors, BA's, or Welder Foremen. As a Union Member, you have access to all of their contact information and are allowed to call them all. Super Fellas and very eager to help. The Union has alot of benefits that I was unaware of before becoming a member. Family coverage Health Ins. is covered 100%. Retirement.... lots of perks. I have spoken with many of the Contractors as well as Foremen and have yet to speak with a single one that is in any way disrespectful or acts like talking to you is a waste of his/her time. I consider it an honor to be a part of the Union.
Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / 798 wait time

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