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- - By - Date 06-16-2000 01:11
What "catagory" does A992 fall into in order to determine preheat and interpass temperatures?
Parent - - By - Date 06-20-2000 00:42
Mr Mfretz:
ASTM A992-98 is new spec for structural steel shapes, i.e. I-beam, angle, etc for use in Building Framing. It looks like preheat wont be necessary, but depending on thickness, it may be necesarey. Please send me an email if you need more information.
0.23 C
0.50-1.50 Mn
0.40 Si
0.035 P
0.045 S
0.35 Cr
0.45 Ni
0.15 Mo
0.60 Cu
0.11 V
0.05 Nb

Single values are maximums.
YS = 50-65 ksi
TS = 65 ksi
yield to tensile ratio = 0.85 max
EL = 18% in 8"
EL = 21% in 2"
Parent - - By G.S.Crisi (****) Date 06-20-2000 18:26
Dear Pete,
the ASTM books we have here at Mackenzie are from 1994, so they don't include A992-98. Would you be so kind to tell me if they've replaced the old A36 or are a new material? Thank you
Giovanni S. Crisi
Sao Paulo - Brazil
Parent - By - Date 06-21-2000 17:59
Ing. Giovanni-
According to the 2000 version of ASTM standards, there is still an A36 specification for Carbon Structural steel. From what I can see, A36 covers all shapes, bars and plate. A992 seems to deal with shapes only.
Chemistry for A36 varies with the different section shapes. Mechanicals for all plate, shapes and bas are 250 MPa (36 ksi) and 400-550 MPa (58-80 ksi).
Parent - - By - Date 06-24-2000 02:44
I have seen the A992 material used in structural moment frame construction utilizing the "dog bone" beam design. The idea is to have the beam deform at the narrowed section of the flanges and to utilize the ductile properties the A992 provides (I do not know how much better it performs over A572). I have heard it's weldability is an improvement over A572. The 2000 AWS D1.1 includes A992 as a prequalified material with preheat requirements as noted above.
Parent - By CHGuilford (****) Date 06-27-2000 13:24
I believe you will find that A992 is essentially the same material as A572 GR50. Many CMTRs for structural shapes we have received lately have dual certifications for A572 and A992. AISC had previously called it "A572 GR50 per Technical Bulletin No. 3". As you have already noted, A992 is now listed in D1.1-2000 and in the ASTM Standards. I'm not sure if it is still there, but not too long ago you could look up some info on it at AISC.ORG
Hope this helps out
Chet Guilford
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