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- - By matin08 Date 11-26-2009 10:36
Hi, I am in england and am writing a some welding instructions that will go to America. I did not see the US listed in the ISO memebers. What is your equivelent to EN ISO 5817 which is welding, fusion joints in steel quality requirments.
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 11-30-2009 03:28
I see no one has responded to your inquiry.

I don't work with any of the European standards, i.e., ISO, so I apologize for being no help on this issue.

You might try posting this question on one of the more widely read threads such as D1.1 or Shop Talk.

If you care to send me a synopsis or a copy of the EN ISO 5817 I will be happy to review it and offer an opinion.

Best regards - Al
Parent - By js55 (*****) Date 11-30-2009 17:50
I too am ignorant of the EN standards but I suspect you will find there aren't any 'equivalent' industry standards.
The closest I can think of that comes to mind might be the AWS D.10 Recommended Practices.
Parent - - By 3.2 Inspector (***) Date 11-30-2009 18:48
Be very very carefull here, not long ago a poor gentleman got HAMMERED down in this very forum for asking if anybody could give/sell him a version of ASME sec. IX
His intention was to work according to ASME IX, where you are just trying to help Martin08 :)

If I recall correct, some of the hammering also refered to copyrighted material, etc.... :)

Parent - - By Shane Feder (****) Date 12-01-2009 00:49
There is no ASME / API equivalent to BS EN 5817.
BS EN 5817 (for the benefit of the US members) is an international standard containing Quality levels for imperfections.
Various British / European Standards like EN 287 Part 1 (Welder Qualification) and the old (superceded) EN 288 Part 3 (Welding Procedure Qualification) do not contain their own acceptance criterias but nominate compliance to be in accordance with BS EN 5817.
As far as I am aware all ASME / API codes/standards contain their own acceptance criterias - in saying that some codes/standards reference another code/standard for supplementary information. (eg. B31.3 Size and Distribution of internal porosity references ASME VIII Div 1, App 4 for acceptance)
Hope that helps,
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 12-02-2009 03:55 Edited 12-02-2009 03:57
Good to know Shane.

The individual was "hammered" as you say 3.2 because he wanted "any" edition for actual use, i.e., to test and evaluate weld samples. The welding code in question was a code that he needed to perform his work. As such, he needed a current edition, not just any edition.

I simply offered to review the standard it to see which, if any, American welding standard or code was similar. I have no use for the standard, so there is a snowflake's chance in hell that I would purchase a copy for the pure pleasure of reviewing it. I may be generous with my time when it comes to responding to an inquiry, but my Scottish blood simply will not allow me to throw good money down the drain for no purpose other than to spend money.;)

Best regards – Al
Parent - - By 3.2 Inspector (***) Date 12-01-2009 09:22
Just to ad to Shane's reply.
EN 5817 is only acceptance criteria for visual inspection.

Parent - - By matin08 Date 12-03-2009 16:21
no 5817 does do internal defects.
Its a difficults one as how would you send out a repair procedure to the world and not be set one standard level of finished product. I guess i will have to include one.

Thanks for the replys.
3.2 is that you on UKwelder?

the scottish fellow, is that Billy Connely, I thourgh you had given up welding?

anyway, thanks for the replays again. 
Parent - By 3.2 Inspector (***) Date 12-03-2009 16:56

I never wrote EN 5817 is for surface exmination only.
EN 5817 is for visual examination, including internal imperfections.

Yes, I am the 3.2 as on UKWelder :)

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