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- - By Treek Tjel Date 01-11-2010 05:35
Dear All,
i'm new here,need help...

interpretation for ASME IX QW-423.1
my question:can i use P No.1 test coupon with P No.8 filler metal to qualify a welder using a qualified P No.8 WPS

Thanks in advance
Parent - - By nantong (**) Date 01-11-2010 10:30
I  believe this is acceptable to the code.
Parent - - By Treek Tjel Date 01-11-2010 11:16
thanks nantong,but my client has a different interpretation,he was saying in order to qulify for P No.8 production weld ,i can use P No.1 test coupon with P No.1 filler material(ER70S-6 etc.) using a qualified P No.1 WPS, is this correct?(above test is GTAW process)
thanks again 
Parent - - By nantong (**) Date 01-11-2010 12:15
If you are welding GTAW the welder, if qualified using C/S filler wire welder is also qualified for welding stainless steel as they are both F6. So he does not have to requalify for stainless.
Parent - By nantong (**) Date 01-11-2010 12:27
By the way consumables do not have P numbers. As I said stainless and carbon steel GTAW consumables are F6 however for SMAW they are different and a welder would have to requalify to use stainless electrodes even using C/S material.
Parent - - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 01-11-2010 14:28 Edited 01-11-2010 14:30
I think all of the above answered your question but I will put it in other words.

QW 423.1 itself has the answer you need regarding base metals. However the filler metal F-number is dependent upon those applicable rules.

For GTAW, a welder may be qualified for welding 304 to 304 using 308 by using A-106 to A-106 using 70S-3 since both F Numbers are the same (F-6). For SMAW, the F numbers are NOT the same and an additional test would be required. based upon QW 423.1, the base metal specified in the WPS may be substituted as indicated.

So for GTAW, you don't even have to refer to the P-8 WPS since both base and filler metals are included. For SMAW you would have to use a WPS with F5 filler metals but could substitute P-1 materials as allowed by QW 423.1

However if you want to test the welders  using P8 with matching filler metals, you can.

Have a good day.

Gerald Austin
Parent - - By js55 (*****) Date 01-11-2010 15:13
If you are using CS to qualify with you would use a CS procedure.
Parent - By paul prill (*) Date 01-11-2010 18:06 Edited 01-11-2010 18:08
Well said pipewelder 1999, but if I might add a little to it.
Basicly you are testing the welder in the selected process with the selected filler metal from a group of filler metals, the base metal is just something to weld to.
I have taken lots of tests; stainless on carbon, inconel on carbon and so on and that was the last carbon steel I welded on for that job.
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