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- - By Mikeqc1 (****) Date 01-22-2010 14:32
I have a material that I have never used b4, and im at a loss when it comes to a column in the Chem. requirements, and what it is the code is asking for.
The material is SA-479  321
In table 1 last column I see …TI 5 X (C+N)-0.70.
What is this any1 have an idea
Parent - - By js55 (*****) Date 01-22-2010 15:10
321 stainless steel
Titanium is used as stabilization. In order for it to do that effectively it needs to be present in volume percents that will allow it to stabilize those elements it is intended to stabilize. In other words, effectively render them not available for bonding with Cr, generally.
So, in order to prevent Cr nitrides and carbides it is required to be present at levels 5 times greater than those two elements combined. The 5 X is the min the .70 is the maximum required.
Parent - By Mikeqc1 (****) Date 01-22-2010 15:33
thank so very much sir.
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