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- - By - Date 04-19-2000 16:57
Me and few other friends were sitting around having a discussion on welder certification. The question came up as to what the welder certifies to i.e. a process, filler metal, or position. In the group the majority think that a change filler metal requires requalification of the welder, and some thought that a change in position. Now the rest of us think that a welder is qualified to a process and a position i.e. if ur qualified with NR 311 wire in the flat position (fcaw), u do not have to requal to use Nr232 wire in the flat position. Requalification only comes about when the welder is welding in a postion for which he is not qualified for. What is the correct answer? We need to settle this with a outside source any response would be appreciated.
Parent - By R. Johnson (**) Date 04-19-2000 18:54
First off, the correct term is "qualification". The answers to your question can vary according to which welding standard the welder is being qualified. For the most part the welder is qualified to a welding process (FCAW, SMAW, GTAW. etc.), but are limitation on what the welder may legally be permitted to weld. For example, plate thickness limitation both maximum and minimum, pipe diameter limitation, welding position, groove welds versus fillet welds, ferrous versus non-ferrous base materials, etc. The appropriate welding standards will tell you the limitations for the welder. Most production type of manufacturing facilities must determine what type of product is being produced and how accessable the weld joint are versus the type of welding equipment that will be used in the facility. It all comes down to a matter of economics, an employer is only to to qualify the welder to the minimum number of process variables that will be used in the facility. I far as I know there is no one test that will cover everything. So berfore anyone starts qualifying welders, you need to determine what your going to weld on, what your going to weld with, and what positions are you going to weld in. Requalification comes anytime there is an essential variable which the welder is not presently qualified. Hope this helps.
Parent - By - Date 04-19-2000 19:08
I believe a welder or welding operator is qualified to a Code, Specification or Standard. So the answer is not that simple.
When a welder takes a qualification test, on that welders qualification document are listed the veriables the welder is qualified to work within. When the work requires doing something that is outside the range listed for veriables in the Code, Specification or Standard, the need for a new welder qualification test should be evaluated. When the work is outside the range of any one of the "essensial veriables", the new test is required.
Parent - By RonG (****) Date 04-19-2000 21:36
I am no Eng but I have had to delved in to ASME sect IX and put all our papers in order and I can tell you from the way ASME states it That
1st is Process
2nd is base material and that has a broad range of P-No's
3rd is filler material and that has ranges according to process's, With or with out backing and then position ( ranges also) and progression.
that is the order they generally fall on the forms but if you change any one of them out of the specified range you are presently qualified you must test to prove only that variable. so if you change position you can repeat a previous test with the new position.I guess in short if you can TIG or stick standing on your head welding up down or side ways useing E70S-2 or ER309 you cant do it with GMAW or SAW.
Parent - By - Date 04-22-2000 21:33
The first thing that comes to mind is what about the procedure qualifications? I don't see any mention of them and unless the AWS prequalified procedures cover your work, no amount of tests will hold up under any challenges. Even if AWS prequalified works, you have to fill out the proper paperwork and associate it with the tests.
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