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- - By Pickupman (***) Date 12-11-2010 20:05
I was looking at Sumners "Ultra Fit" and "Ultra Clamp" . Does anyone know what the differance is between these, because they both look very similar in design and function. Do they work? I usually work alone and I'm looking for something to use as a third hand for fit up.
Parent - By TRC (***) Date 12-11-2010 23:47
Hey PU, I have all three sizes and yes they are great. Don't know the difference between the two, I have the ultra clamp. They can also be used for straight joints as well, but don't replace a cage clamp. They won't hold a 8,9,10 or 12", 90 without a little help but will dial out the hi/lo real quick. Also don't have to worry about your helper moving at the last second or them getting sparks down their glove when you do have a helper/ laborer. I highly recommend them- Ted
Parent - By thewelder (***) Date 12-12-2010 01:37 Edited 12-12-2010 01:45
hi the difference are the feets, on the ultra clamps are longer then the ultra fit because the ultra fit are desing for fitting to fitting but it can be used to fit pipe to fitting too. if you are interested let me know I have a set of ultra clamps 1''-2 1/2'', 2''-6'' and a 5''-12'' for sale on the for sale section they are used but in good condition.
- By joe pirie (***) Date 12-12-2010 15:10
they work great for black pipe only used the ultra model
- By welderjack (*) Date 12-17-2010 01:11
also look up welders3rdhand   i have two of them and they work great
Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / Anybody know?

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