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- - By cwf07 (***) Date 12-18-2010 13:51
If both machines were the same size and weight. Which would yall prefer to weld with in pipeline and construction jobs.
Parent - By DaveBoyer (*****) Date 12-18-2010 23:29
I don't know much about either one, but the decision might hinge on who is buying the fuel.
Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 12-20-2010 00:04
While I have not run those exact machines I have run a 500D, Big 40's, SA200, SAE 300, and more.  I have always preferred the arc characteristics of the Lincolns.  Especially for pipe.

Have a Great Day,  Brent
- - By Dark_Angel (*) Date 12-18-2010 23:57
Never ran a SAE-500 before but the 300D is nice but if you would a third option take a look at the Pipeline 200D. Thats what I would prefer the most but that's just my 2 cents.
Parent - By texwelder (***) Date 12-24-2010 23:32
The pipeliner 200 only has dc power outlet that is a bad scratch against it but other than that its a bad motor scooter
- - By okwelder82 (***) Date 12-19-2010 02:58
Lincoln is coming out the a SA 300 Redface in January. Dont know a lot of details about it but  it is roughly the same size as the 300D. They guys I have talked to that have ran one said its one bad ass machine.
Parent - By JeremyW83 (***) Date 12-19-2010 03:26
I have run a SAE400 and it was a great machine was very sorry to see it go.  It was also huge I would say 1/2 the sixe bigger that a 300D.
Parent - By FixaLinc (****) Date 12-20-2010 21:17
Don't know about the red face one but the Classic 300D is back with new engines to meet EPA Tier 4i.  You couldn't get the 300D for a while when the last change was happening.  Could be another engine change next year ?
Parent - By cwf07 (***) Date 12-24-2010 22:45 Edited 12-24-2010 22:47
Can you get information on it. SA 300
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