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- - By Zeek (**) Date 12-22-2010 14:16
We are using a wire feed system with our automatic TIG welder for aluminum welding (1/16" and 3/32" wire size) and I just wanted to check what the proper drive roll setup was supposed to be.  This is a push only system and we have to push it roughly 4 ft.  Ideally, we'd like a push pull, system, but for right now this system is what we are working with.  If we're using 1/16" wire, should we be using a 1/16" u-groove on both drive rolls or is there a better setup to help ensure a more consistent feed?

Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 12-22-2010 14:22

For a 4 foot push I would think your setup should do alright.  Those are pretty large wire sizes, and as long as there are no kinks in your 4 feet everything should be fine.

There are teflon liners you can install that might make things even a little more smooth.
Parent - By jffluxcore (**) Date 12-22-2010 21:03
I was told a 6' gun is good for aluminu
Parent - - By weldwade (***) Date 12-22-2010 16:11
On the push pull and spool gun type feeders that I have used all have been a knurled V groove on the driven roll and typically a smooth "idler" or top roller that applies the pressure. The large wire that you are feeding should feed with U or V groove. What alloy are you feeding? What type of liner are you using?
Tension does need to be properly set, I like the wire to have light marks in it but not enough to cause tiny pieces to flake off and get stuck in the liner. 5356 will be a common wire that will feed easily in your application but I would bet that only needing to push 4' with the large 1/16 and 3/32 wire should be no problem with just about any alloy. I typically run .035 or 3/64 5356 or 4043 for almost everything I do in my spool gun with no problems at all. This setup is a knurled V groove and smooth idler pushing about 6”.
Parent - - By Zeek (**) Date 12-22-2010 20:53
We're feeding either 4043 or 2319 aluminum wire through a teflon liner.  We havent had too many problems so far, but we're running a 1/16" u-groove on both drive rolls.  Should both of them be u-grooved?
Parent - - By weldwade (***) Date 12-22-2010 21:54
I would check to make sure that the two rollers were not making tight contact with each other. If they were you could get some slip especially with the 2319.
Parent - - By ssbn727 (*****) Date 12-23-2010 06:30
I believe Lawrence hit the the nail right on it's proverbial head because of the typical layout with the equipment found on "automatic" or mechanized GTAW "packaged" systems...

In other words, there is a difference in how this type of equipment performs when compared to most "semi-automatic" GTAW systems whereby an unmounted and separate wire feed mechanism is used and therefore increase the potential for the wire conduit to move enough to cause an unstable, inconsistent wire feed rate even with a relatively short conduit length usually found on GMAW feeders for Aluminum use...

However, I do agree that it is prudent to make sure one is getting the proper grip & tension on the wire from the drive rolls and that the proper rolls are being used for the type of metal wire.
If this is a system that has been purchased as a packaged system, then the manufacturer of this system would be able to give you the optimal recommendations for what pairing of drive rolls to use with a specific type of filler metal being used... If this is a system that was put together from a variety of different components, then I would suggest that one stick to the recommendations being given for welding aluminum by the specific type of wire feeder being used. ;)

Parent - - By Zeek (**) Date 12-23-2010 15:39
Thanks for the comments.  It's a system that was purchased from AMET Inc.  It uses their wire feeder, but they don't manufacture the drive rolls.  I'll have to see what they recommend, but they don't have much experience with 2319 so I want to make sure we use the correct setup for each type of alloy we are using.  Sometimes we do see small shavings of the wire sitting in the drive roll housing and I'd like to figure out how to eliminate that.
Parent - By DaveBoyer (*****) Date 12-24-2010 04:15
Do the U grooves line up PERFECTLY? The edge of the U grooves can try to shear  a sliver off the wire if they don't.

Is the edge of the U groove sharp? You might try slightly rounding or chamfering it if it is.
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