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- - By joe pirie (***) Date 12-24-2010 14:01
Company sent me to inspect at Littell steel in New Brighon PA. These guys build some
amazing projects . Upon arriving their QC gave me a job package with all the WPS, Welder certs,
consumables being used even had the cert for the dew point on the C02. I feel so relieved, Going to
a new shop not knowing what to expect can be vey stressful. I hate it when the companies try and make
out that your a dick for asking for a WPS or mill cert or not to weld in the pouring rain lol. Im going
to suggest to the company i work for to send out a Pre Inspection form letting the contractor know what
documents the cwi will require i think it would make everyones job easier any imput.  Joe
Parent - - By welderbrent (*****) Date 12-24-2010 14:15
Isn't it nice when you find one like that.  I recently had an excellent experience as well with a shop that handed me a packet as I walked in with all required paperwork, including prints, shop drwgs, MTR's, WPS's, welders certs, wire certs, etc.

AND, you wouldn't believe how small of a job was being inspected.  But the shop had it's act together.

I like your idea of a form letter.  But even that doesn't always work.  So many of them don't have a clue what all that is or if it applies to them.  Then you find no copies of any code books in their possession.  How do they expect to do the work per code when they don't even have a copy of it.  And the few who do have it don't even know where to begin to find anything in it.

I am also trying to do some meetings, through our AWS section, with the City Bldg Officials, myself, and other inspectors that would focus on 'Being Prepared For The Special Inspector'.  Too often they are intimidated by anything that smacks of govt, authority, rework, etc and they don't understand how simple the process will be if they are prepared.

Have a Great Day,  Brent
Parent - By joe pirie (***) Date 12-24-2010 17:40
I keep a copy of a properly prepared Wps in my notebook to try and explain what it is
and why we need one. I think Al was the one who said it was like a recipie to bake a cake lol
I try to explain how the WPS will save them money in the long run with better quality welds,
less rework fom bad welds the direct result from improper weld parameters. documentation that
the weld was done correctly in the event of a future weld failure etc a couple of guys thanked me
one wanted to kick my ass lol.
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