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Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / 175 amp draw for a cnc lathe?????
- - By cmays (***) Date 06-24-2011 04:01
Looking at a cnc lathe and noticed input power was 208 three phase with 175 amp draw. Does that sound right? If so I'm going to have to find some more power with the welding machines and other equipment in the other part of the shop.
Parent - By jffluxcore (**) Date 06-24-2011 10:36
there a data plare on the motor?
Parent - By Blaster (***) Date 06-24-2011 14:49
That doesn't sound right to me unless it is a serious monster of a lathe  If it took that much power I would be very surprised that it would have been designed to operate on 208 volts instead of 480.
Parent - - By 99205 (***) Date 06-24-2011 15:09
I think 17.5 amps would be more likely.
Parent - - By Blaster (***) Date 06-24-2011 15:20
That is what I was thinking.
Parent - - By cmays (***) Date 06-24-2011 18:32
It's a leadwell LTC35 46horse spindle motor with a 22 horse z-drive.
Parent - - By 99205 (***) Date 06-24-2011 20:39 Edited 06-24-2011 20:48
Not your typical home shop lathe.  That may be peak amperage draw at start up.
Parent - - By cmays (***) Date 06-25-2011 20:52 Edited 06-25-2011 20:56
No its going in our machine shop. Welding/ fabshop are on the same service but in a different building. Had my electricial look at it and turns out we have plenty of power. Leadwell requires it run on 208  because the fanuc controls require that input. We got her se in the shop last week and she's a big girl @ 28000 pounds it took a big forklift to set her but we got it done.
Parent - - By rlitman (***) Date 06-27-2011 18:58
With today's copper prices, wouldn't it be more affordable to wire the motors for 480, and use a transformer for the controls?
Parent - By DaveBoyer (*****) Date 06-28-2011 02:36
It depends how the building is wired. If there is Bus Duct everywhere, it might not be but a few feet of wire to get to the machine.

If it is a long wire run, there is merrit to the idea, provided it is fairly easy to segregate the control circuitry from the machine tool circuitry.

Transformers are not cheap either, and it has become much harder to find used ones as many were scrapped a few years ago when copper & aluminum prices were way up.
Parent - - By Blaster (***) Date 06-25-2011 00:20
Now that is a lathe!  That has more horsepower than my shop's air compressor at a lowly 40.
Parent - By ssbn727 (*****) Date 06-26-2011 02:35
You want to see monster lathes??? Go to either Newport News or Electric Boat or Bath Iron or any of the big shipyards down south, and have a look at the monsters they use to machine the shafts on both the subs as well as the giant ones found on aircraft carriers... Now those are huge and have plenty of horses to boot.:eek::wink::cool:

Parent - By DaveBoyer (*****) Date 06-25-2011 02:38
Now that You mention the HP of the machine, the amperage doesn't seem out of line.
- By Tim655 (*) Date 06-24-2011 19:59
My calculations say it should draw around 70 amps.
- - By Tim655 (*) Date 06-24-2011 20:01
I stand corrected it should be 130 amps.......
Parent - By CHGuilford (****) Date 07-01-2011 16:46
Yeah and add in the feed motors and other circuitry, I would guess 175 amps is about right.  I am not an electrician but I would expect the manufacturer has some idea as to what is required.
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