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Up Topic Welding Industry / ASME Codes / Max Single Weld Pass Thickness?
- - By qcrobert (***) Date 11-08-2011 16:58
Is the thickness of a single weld pass addressed in ASME or any code for that matter?

I cannot locate any restriction.

Parent - - By welderbrent (*****) Date 11-08-2011 18:09

Take a look at D1.1-2010 Table 3.7 (page 73).  It has 'Maximum Root Pass Thickness' and 'Maximum Fill Pass Thickness' for SMAW, SAW, and GMAW/FCAW.

Hope that is what you are looking for, since you said 'or any code'.

Have a Great Day,  Brent
Parent - - By qcrobert (***) Date 11-08-2011 20:25
Thanks Brent!

I had come across an ASME WPS (no notch toughness reqs) with "no pass shall exceed 1/2" thickness for SMAW, GTAW, GMAW or FCAW" and was just wondering if that was a requirement per Sec IX or any other Code or Standard that I was aware of.

Parent - - By ozniek (***) Date 11-09-2011 13:19
Hi QCRobert

ASME IX thickness ranges are restricted when you deposit any pass thicker than 1/2", so if they want to take advantage of the full ASME range (normally 2t) then they need to place this restriction on the WPS. You should see that statement on almost all ASME IX WPS's.

Parent - - By qcrobert (***) Date 11-09-2011 13:54

Could you cite the para in IX that specifically restricts the deposit to 1/2" max for single pass?

Thank you,
Parent - By 464238 (**) Date 11-10-2011 07:07 Edited 11-10-2011 07:09
QW403.9 addresses the 1/2" Pass as referenced as an essential variable in QW-253 which limits the WPS to 1.1 Times the base metal thickness qualified on the PQR as opposed to 2 Times the thickness.
Parent - - By ozniek (***) Date 11-10-2011 10:35
Hi QCRobert

464238 has already given you the answer, but thought that I would show you. (This attachment feature is neat, so must try it out!)

Parent - By qcrobert (***) Date 11-15-2011 00:12
Appreciate all for clearing this matter up for me!

- - By mdudhiya007 Date 03-09-2017 17:50
403.9 which limits the thickness of single pass weld is only mentioned for SMAW, SAW, GMAW-P. But not for GTAW process, 403.9 is not mentioned as essential parameter, does it means we can deposit more than 13mm Single pass weld with GTAW process??
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 03-10-2017 05:06
You are permitted to deposit a single pass thicker than 1/2 inch with any welding process if you are willing to qualify the procedure to demonstrate you can do it and meet pass all the requisite test requirements.

In this case, when welding with the GTAW, it is not an essential variable, thus you are free to deposit a single pass weld without the need to demonstrate the ability to pass all the tests needed to qualify the WPS. However, it is unlikely one would be able to do so.
Up Topic Welding Industry / ASME Codes / Max Single Weld Pass Thickness?

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