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- - By sriley77 (*) Date 05-09-2012 18:51
Hello all,
I passed my CWI test over 2 years ago and have been just an "inspector" since. Now working with a larger company needing me to write procedures, WPS's and things of that nature. The week long seminar didn't teach me any of that. I need some help, but don't know specifically on what. Basically all of it.. Any help at all would be great!
Parent - By ctacker (****) Date 05-09-2012 19:42
Read your Inspection Trends magazine, there are some good articles from Al Moore in there during the past year about writing procedures.
Parent - By WeldinFool (**) Date 05-10-2012 15:10
D1.1 Clauses 3 and 4 are going become your favorite reading material for awhile. There truly is some great advice right here in this forum concerning writing WPS and PQRs. As far as what forms you use, there is a link on this forum ("useful downloads" section, right above the off topic bar and grill) for a program called ArcWorks, and I would definitely recommend using this for your WPS and PQR reports rather than the horribly done free forms the AWS lets you download. Good luck!
Parent - - By bozaktwo1 (***) Date 05-10-2012 17:03
Don't forget about B2.1!
Parent - - By sriley77 (*) Date 05-10-2012 18:24
Thank you for your responses, my reading material for the last week or so has only been clause 3 and 4, most of its starting to sink in, and I'm going to try the arcworks today.

Thank you,
Scott R
Parent - - By swsweld (****) Date 05-11-2012 17:03
The articles in IT recommended by ctacker and written by Al Moore were very helpful.

If this link doesn't work, you can get there from the AWS website or Google Inspection Trends and go to Winter 2011 in the Past Issues section.
Al is also one of the very best contributors (minus his political rants:grin: :wink:) on this forum and his user name is 803056 FYI.
Parent - - By welderbrent (*****) Date 05-11-2012 18:04
I believe you must be a CWI to get to the 'Inspection Trends' articles.  I'll check it out when I have more time later. 

Have a Great Day,  Brent
Parent - By swsweld (****) Date 05-11-2012 22:03
You may be correct on that concerning the physical copy but anyone can type "Inspection Trends" in the search block in the upper left corner on the AWS Home page and find the new and past IT publications to review. I like IT better than WJ magazine. I always see useful info in IT but WJ has too much advertisement and "filler stuff" that doesn't interest the average, normal welder and inspector but that's just me. I consider myself extra average and super normal. :lol:
Up Topic Welding Industry / Welding Fundamentals / paperwork

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