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- - By - Date 07-13-2000 22:56
I'm trying to repair a crack in an old (early 60's) cast iron engine block. The crack, about 2 inches long, is located in the cooling jacket on the exterior of the block between two freeze plugs. The problem is that the wall thickness of the block
observed in the crack varies from about 1/16 in at one end to about 1/4 inch at the other. I was planning to use a tig
welder, so I can vary the heat, with a tig-tectics 224 rod. Are there any suggestions as to methods or procedures that
should be used. Thanks.
Parent - - By Josh Clare (*) Date 08-02-2000 17:33
You may want to consider a pre-heat or post weld heat treament to avoid further cracking or producing brittle material.
Parent - By - Date 08-03-2000 14:27
The problem with using TIG is, it is a slow process and their is a tendency to get the cast iron way to hot. If you arc weld it you can get in and out fast. If you have any other questions call the M.G. Welding Hot Line at 800-558-8524.
Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / engine block

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