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- - By bigloyd Date 01-14-2003 23:53
Hi everyone happy new year!!!! I am a newby here so go easy on me. I have two classic muscle cars that I am restoring. One of them I am restoring to stock specs and the other one is getting the full drag race treatment. The floors in both of them are severely rusted and need replacing, and a roll cage is to be installed in the drag car. My question is what type of welder would you suggest me investing in? Thanks for all your help It is greatly appreciated.
Parent - - By jlauto (*) Date 01-15-2003 12:04
Hard working and experienced !!! :) Good luck on your projects from a fellow drag racer and part time (inexperienced) welder. Jim
Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 01-15-2003 12:40
What kind of budget are you looking at? There are several choices since automotive chassis, sheet metal and tubing walls are relatively thin, You shouldn't need whole alot of power. Assuming you already have furnished your shop with a torch,(had to plug that in in case "Dee" is reading this post) I would suggest a mig or tig machine. Depending on your ability, the mig machine will be easier to learn at first. If you are an old pro, the tig machine may be a nice choice.(all this is my opinion) As for brands, there are lots of colors to choose from as well, I prefer the name brand stuff.
Take care of them old cars,
John Wright (70 1/2 RS/SS Camaro)
Parent - - By dee (***) Date 01-15-2003 18:54
Parent - By jwright650 (*****) Date 01-15-2003 19:05
Hi Dee,
I knew you might peek in on this,
John Wright
Parent - - By Goose (**) Date 01-15-2003 15:08
Hello from a fellow drag racer and home shop fabricator/welder.

I myself have two machines. I have a Miller 251 Millermatic Mig machine and also a Lincoln Squarewave 175 pro Tig welder. All of you welding can be donw with a Mig, which is also easier to learn and faster to complete. I myself love the Mig for sheetmetal, but like the look of the Tig bead on roll bars/cages.

For your application and to give the most flexability in the future, look for a machine with 175 amps minimum. Two good machines for a home fab shop are the Miller 210 Millermatic of the Lincoln Powermig 200. The Lincoln Squarewave 175 Pro or the Miller 180SD are also excellent Tig machines.

good luck with your projects
Todd Geisler
Parent - By jwright650 (*****) Date 01-15-2003 16:22
I took a look at your link,
Ahh, that good ole Big Block power! Nice launch!
Nice car,
John Wright
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