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- - By chaikwa (*) Date 01-26-2003 15:35
I recently started doing alot more 'portable' welding, having been used to the shop setting for 15 years or better. And it's been almost 15 years since I last 'stick' welded. (I used mig and tig as the mainstays of my business)
So anyway, I was wondering if anyone has ever noticed a difference in the way electrodes perform from different manufacturers? I was using 1/8th 6011 from Harris/Welco and I was doing pretty well with it. When I ran out of that, I had some Lincoln 1/8th 6011. Both were bought new a week ago. The weld characteristics of the 2 different brands were like night and day. My welds with the Lincoln rods looked like some welding students' poor first attempts. I can't explain the difference except the different manufacturers.
Anyone have any comments or insight into this subject?
Parent - - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 01-26-2003 18:57
There are differences in electrodes with the same classification. This is even evident within one manufacturer. Many companies have many different "models" of the same electrode classification. Some weld better than others depending upon the persons experience and technique.

All of the rods regardless of the manufacturer have been tested in accordance with the requirements of the applicable filler metal specification if they are marked as being AWS SFA/SA 5.?. That specification has requirements for the welding rod that not only include chemical composition and strength but also have requirements for useability packaging etc. .

I have used one brand of SS rods and thought I could really weld then used another brand and realized I was wrong.

There is my view.

Have a nice day

Gerald Austin
Iuka, Mississippi
Parent - - By chaikwa (*) Date 01-26-2003 22:27
thanks for your input! I feel a little beeter knowing it isn't ALL me!
Parent - - By stever (**) Date 01-27-2003 00:40
When I put out a new box of 6010 the students let me know real quick that "it is NOT the same". I do like to vary the manufacturer simply for that purpose. That's when we have a short lecture on the numbering system. When the lecture is over I still get "The numbers may be the same, but these rods are different!". The students are absolutely correct. Different manufacturers can add differing amounts of chemicals to the flux so long as it meets the requirements for that particular electrode number.

You are not alone in your thinking.
Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 01-27-2003 13:04
I have even seen a difference in the same rod from the same mfg. in the past few years(ie. Lincoln 7028 5/32" A/C rod "LH-3800"). It's harder to restart than it used to be, I have 65 welders that can testify to my findings. Once an easy, scratch it and off you go, rod, and now you have to beat the thing to get it going again.
John Wright
Parent - By chaikwa (*) Date 01-27-2003 23:07
Thanks John! I just picked up a new tube today and I noticed yet another difference in THAT rod as opposed to the original I posted here about. It wasn't much of a difference, but a difference none-the-less.
I've also noticed 7018 from this same manufacturer to be a bit tough to start again after using a partial rod. I don't remember it being like that many years ago when I was doing alot of stick welding. But then again, I AM getting older and they say a persons memory is the second thing to go!
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