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Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / Spot Weld Shunting?
- - By roboarc Date 01-30-2003 15:24
I am designing a product which will be assembled with RSW. The weld will fuse two 14ga sheets together. The upper sheet will be galvanneal-coated mild steel and the lower sheet will be grade 50 HSLA. The question I have is: what is the minimum pitch between the welds to prevent/minimize shunting(power loss)?
Parent - By chapple (*) Date 01-31-2003 14:51
Without reviewing the proposed weld tooling you will be using, it is
hard to give you an exact answer. The general rule of thumb is that
spot weld pitch, centerline to centerline, is normally 3 to 7 times the
nugget size.
Parent - By ROBO-WELD (*) Date 02-06-2003 18:18
Sorry about the late response,, Scott has given a good answer ; not knowing your equipment . I've been away from spot welding for quite some time but talked to one of our engineers that has stayed with it; he says that the big 3 automakers with their guns don,t usually get closer than an inch and would like to stay an inch and a half away. Your most accurate info would come from the manufacturer of the equipment.
Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / Spot Weld Shunting?

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