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- - By CATwelder Date 01-30-2003 18:56
Does anyone out there have tried and true weld parameters that yield a nice looking 4mm fillet w/ approximately 1.5mm of penetration made in the flat position?? I am making this weld on a robot using Thru-the-Arc seam tracking due to part variation. In order for seam tracking to work properly I have to use a weave of at least 2mm. I'm having trouble getting the toes to wet out.

0.045 ER70S-3
Mild Steel
Parent - - By ROBO-WELD (*) Date 01-30-2003 23:47

Boosting the voltage will help a puddle wet out or if your pulse welding trim will help. Also a higher argon % will help even though 90% should be plenty. Some wires are more fluid than others , My info says ER70s-4 and ER70s-6 are more fluid than ER70s-3 but you may give up some other characteristics you want , talk to your supplier.. Be careful with getting the weld parameters to far out of whack cause the seam tracker needs a good consistant arc for tracking data. Do your weave parameters allow for a dwell (pause) on each side to allow for wet out?? If its an ABB robot I can dig up more info for you. Drop me a line
Parent - - By CATwelder Date 01-31-2003 12:14

The plate thickness is 6mm.


Yes, my weave parameters allow me to dwell on each side, I'm using an ABB 4400. Which, in my opinion, is made by the best robotics manufacturer out there.

Parent - By ROBO-WELD (*) Date 02-06-2003 19:52

Did you get your wetting problem corrected??? If not, let me know. If I,m to busy to answer I,ll turn you over to our weld group for their advice.

Thank you for the complement and good luck....

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