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- - By chaikwa (*) Date 01-31-2003 13:02
I have a dump truck with a 20,000lb capacity, square tubing type rear drive axle. It has developed a 2" crack along the weld seam on the bottom of the tube, allowing grease to escape. (This is a very old axle that has been overloaded MANY times!)
I was curious as to how some of you would go about repairing this. I will 'vee' out the crack, but what about pre and post heating? I don't think the axle tube material is anything special, (i.e.hard). I have a good sized mig welder, so I was thinking of using that if I can get the crack clean enough. Or would you stick weld it? If so, what rod would you use? (7018 would be MY choice)
Thanks in advance!
Parent - By CHGuilford (****) Date 01-31-2003 14:20
Most axle tubes, especially older ones, are readily welded the same as you would for structural steel. I would vee out the crack and go a little beyond to be sure you got it all. I would degrease the area remembering that grease will run into all kinds of places once it gets hot from the weld- which means it will run into your weld if you don't clean back far enough. I would also heat up the area to burn off anything you didn't get in degreasing. If you can reach inside, I would put ceramic backing on the root side. My preference for filler metal would be E7018 simply because the weld metal often has better ductile properties that many MIG wires will give you. One final, thought is to stiffen the box tube by clamping on an angle or such, possibly even tack welding a flat bar on edge on the opposite side. This is to reduce distortion you will get from welding.
Parent - - By stever (**) Date 01-31-2003 18:32
I can't add anything to what GHGuilford has stated. I agree. What I can add is that the local axle manufacturer welds these axle housings with 7018 when any repairs need to be made.
Parent - By chaikwa (*) Date 02-01-2003 00:01
Thanks to both of you for taking the time to reply!
I've been away from this "in the field" kind of work for a long time, and I'm so glad this board is here to help refresh my memory!
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