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- - By leterburn (**) Date 02-16-2013 00:14
Hey Guys....  in search of some 4" XXH WN fittings, flanges, tees, etc for a project and quite a quantity - looking for best suppliers, prob in Texas, eh?  Local suppliers don't carry 1500# / 900# flanges as a rule in quantity required (over 50 each) also looking for rings to make rollout wheels with - like a heavy steering wheel or BOP ring but not stainless, just carbon for the handle on a 10" chuck - approx 14" diameter??  Anything?

Regards, Darren
Parent - - By Superflux (****) Date 02-16-2013 13:13 Edited 02-16-2013 13:20
We are using South Coast Supply here in Houston.
Have had to return about 5% of the 16", 20" and 24" "T"s and 90° ells for being out of round (all returned fittings were made in Italy).
But, I'm sure they are cheap.
ph. #713-688-7721

As for roll-out rings, the ring gaskets are made of 316SS if memory serves me right.
But if you are wanting carbon steel, then simply (economically) cut some 1" wide, or whatever width bands out of some large bore pipe. Set up the beveling machine with about a 20° taper and then polish off the land/bevel face for a nice looking wheel.
Parent - By leterburn (**) Date 02-16-2013 14:43
Thanks much - checking with them now........   much appreciated!

Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / Fittings

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