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- - By Chris2626 (***) Date 02-19-2013 01:53
I just placed an order for a what I was hoping to be a shade 10 Athermal Schott lens and well there not. I just receieved the lens today to try out and it looked different from my other Athermal lens which i ordered from and in the past they were Athermal leses made in Germany. The lens i have now is a green color not a grayish color like my shade 11 lens when welding which clearly says on the lens Athemal. The shade 11 lens the gold mirror is more a silver color then gold and the new shade 10 is not quite even a gold color it's hard to explain. I just wanted to give yall a heads up if you decide to order what is suppose to be a Athermal lens by Schott glass.

I just placed an order for this lens off ebay because i can see in the picture it says Athermal on it. Hopefully it is the same as my shade 11 and 14 lens.

I sent philips saftey a message because well there scamming people and selling something different.

Just wanted to share because don't want anyone else to waste there money on this company. The difference in the shade 11 and shade 10 is night and day, the shade 11 a true Athermal is clearer then the shade 10.

Parent - - By G.S.Crisi (****) Date 02-19-2013 20:19
Philips and Schott are different companies. Philips is Dutch and Schott is German. Philips specialty is electricity, either electronic and small electric devices, and Schott specialty is high quality glass.
I don't understand why Philips started making lens, with the poor result that you experienced.
Back in my days of project engineer my company designed a sulfuric acid concentration plant, for sure one of the most corrosive processes in the chemical industry. The critical equipment was made in glass and supplied by Schott.
Giovanni S. Crisi
Sao Paulo - Brasil
Parent - - By Chris2626 (***) Date 02-20-2013 01:05
I know that, was and still is claiming there welding lenses are made by Schott glass out of Germany and there selling it saying on there website right now there made by schott when in fact there not. There carrying a different brand company, the clarity is way off from the original Athermal Schott lenses. I found someone who made a review on and this person said the same thing that he bought 12 lenses to find out only one lens said Athermal on it and the others did not. I have both and the one that says Athermal on the lens itself and is made by Schott glass is pretty much as clear as the old AO weld cool lenses.

I'm just simply posting here passing on the info for others to save there money.
Parent - - By ssbn727 (*****) Date 02-20-2013 17:01
You're both incorrect.

Phillips Safety is not a manufacturer like the Phillips Corporation of the Netherlands is... They are nothing more than a specialty supplier of various items to enhance safety in the workplace or garage.

Parent - - By G.S.Crisi (****) Date 02-20-2013 19:11
Thankyou for the correction, Henry. I learned something new.
Now, how it comes that there are two different companies using the same brand? Isn't the brand protected so it can't be used by unauthorized persons or outfits?
Giovanni S. Crisi
Parent - By ssbn727 (*****) Date 02-20-2013 21:21
As long as Phillips Safety doesn't make (mfg.) anything with the name "Phillips" which is something that they do not do then they can certainly use the same name...

But more important is the glaring fact that Phillips of the Netherlands produces a variety of electronic devices for many different purposes which in itself is a form of a manufacturing entity... In other words, they produce stuff and Phillips safety does not not produce or manufacture anything but instead as a service company, they offer supplies of various items that have something to do with personal safety, and then they keep a limited inventory of such items which are all manufactured then ordered from a wide variety of different companies that do produce the manufactured & assembled items, or they manufacture the items, and another totally different company assembles the manufactured components in order to produce something  more complex like a car, truck, tank, airplane, locomotive, etc....

So as long as they are not producing anything to sell either to the general public or other companies as components used to produce complex items, then Phillips Safety will not be penalized using in this case, the Phillips name because Phillips Safety doesn't make or produce anything to sell except for a receipt they give you for the sale.:lol::cool:

I hope that this clarifies your query Giovanni.:wink:

- - By gto_welder (*) Date 02-20-2013 02:42
i went through the same thing and was told the athermals were discontinued
Parent - - By Chris2626 (***) Date 02-20-2013 03:21
Well if there no Athermals then they shouldn't be listing it that there is, I sent a email with no reply so far so I guess they'll keep screwing till the word gets out about them. I wish i would have bought more if I knew they would stop making them because that lens is about the clearest I have come across.
Parent - - By JeremyW83 (***) Date 02-23-2013 02:02
I have some of the Phillip Safety lenses.  My biggest complaint is the one I've used most has developed chips around the edges.  Another one that cracked in half after getting knocked off my rod bucket by a helper.
Parent - - By Stringer (***) Date 02-23-2013 03:10
I've noticed discrepancies in lens "packaging/marketing/labeling" over the years as well. I'm not sure our eyes really merit much attention but it would seem perfectly legal and un-witnessed business crimes have evolved our necessary eye equipment to the quality of gas station Foster Grants.
Parent - - By Chris2626 (***) Date 02-23-2013 03:48
I found a guy on ebay who is selling the Athermal shade 10 lens which I just recieved today and I tried it out and it is legit, I'll be ordering 3 more of these lenses, it makes such a huge difference when you don't have to strain your eyes in seeing the puddle. I just wish when someone makes a great lens just stick with it, I don't get why they don't keep making them.
Parent - - By DaveBoyer (*****) Date 02-23-2013 07:37
Good to hear You can still get the real thing.

Was that the best price You could find, easiest to buy from, or what ?
Parent - - By Chris2626 (***) Date 02-23-2013 14:12
Yeah when philips safety sold them they were 20 dollars and then shipping was like 12 so the one on ebay is really about the same price because he is lower on the shipping.
It was shipped to me in less then a week.
Parent - - By ruffneckdave (**) Date 02-28-2013 04:16 Edited 02-28-2013 04:19
Ordered some before your post, got them the other day. You are right, dont say athermal and dont seem to be of same quality. Emailed phillips 3 days ago. No reply. Not a total loss needed a few more green lens 4 and 10s.

Mine went in the water with my hood :mad:, got one stashed somewhere just havent found it.

Parent - - By Chris2626 (***) Date 02-28-2013 13:14
I did the same i sent them a message and no reply, I have bought a total of four of those shade 10 from the guy on ebay and glad i did, I should be able to be set for a while that is if i can stop being clumsy and stop breaking the dam things. Funny when I first learned to weld 9 years ago I didn't know what was clear but now that i found a lens that is so clear it's like i gotta buy what I can NOW.

I wish I could find me a shade 10 AO cheap because i have been told you can take it to someone and they can reverse engineer and make a copy of that lens although the more you have made the cheaper the price would be but hell the way they go on ebay you could seriously make your money back on the dam things.

Parent - - By lo-hi (**) Date 02-28-2013 14:38
I have used the Athermal lens for years,and the last ones are like you said.Also e-mail and called, but i dont think they care. Thanks for the e-bay link ive got 3 Athermal on the way.
Parent - By ruffneckdave (**) Date 02-28-2013 17:30
same here, just ordered 3 from ebay.
Parent - By Chris2626 (***) Date 03-01-2013 03:20
You're welcome, I just simply didn't want others to waste there money with that company.
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