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- - By Cumminsguy71 (*****) Date 02-27-2013 14:38
I went out on a job the other day. Had our safety meeting, log in etc. During our meeting the PM asked about MSDS, do we know what they are and so on. Then he pointed out the shelf with the MSDS for the contractors on the job. Next thing he said was, "I will need your MSDS while you are on the job". I said, pardon me?? Your book you keep on your truck with the MSDS for all of the chemicals, etc., you use on the truck. My reply.....uhhhh, really....well, didn't know that!? He was pretty cool, explained that GC's should require the MSDS for everything on your rig, things you use. If not the fine is around $35,000!! Told him I would have the MSDS on my truck by the time I came back to finish the job!! When I'm on the job I am required to have them in the office with the other MSDS for other contractors. I think we joked around a bit about the welding rods, "probably need to have MSDS on those too in case this guy(points at my helper) likes eating welding rod flux".

Thought I'd throw that out there. I know some of you probably already know this. I knew about having it for my shop but did not know I needed them on my truck as well nor did I know about having it at the job office while on jobs. I guess some just don't enforce it or care. This is a very large GC and a extremely large nationwide company with very strict safety rules which may be part of the reason but if they are enforcing it then I'd say it must apply to all jobs under the watchful eye of OSHA.

It's pretty simple, bought a binder at Staples and dividers then typed in product name and "MSDS" after at Google and save everything to my laptop then printed it off. Now the trick is finding room in my already cramped single cab truck to store more stuff!! I'm hoping this will be a good year, I hear a Ford F550 crew cab calling my name!

Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 02-27-2013 14:42 Edited 02-27-2013 14:47
Shawn the new term is "SDS" the end of 2013 you will have to have a set of globally harmonized "SDS"s on your truck. These are the safety data sheets with the pictograms and a few other's now a world wide effort to make all MSDSs or SDSs look the same and read in the same order.
Parent - - By Cumminsguy71 (*****) Date 02-27-2013 14:48
Hahaha!! Just caught up to the train and it's already leaving he station without me! SDS, well, at least they are cheap to make. I'll have to look into that while I'm doing it. Thanks for the heads up John!
Parent - By Lawrence (*****) Date 02-28-2013 00:42
Thumb Drive!
Parent - - By waccobird (****) Date 02-27-2013 16:37



June 1, 2016

Look at the table under

Q. What is the phase-in period in the revised Hazard Communication Standard?

Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 02-27-2013 16:39
Marshall, it is supposed to be all phased in by 2016, but several entities require compliance by the end of 2013.(ie Training to be completed by employers by Dec 2013)
Parent - - By Cumminsguy71 (*****) Date 02-27-2013 18:48
I was reading thru it but do the suppliers even have the required information available? I can get MSDS off google all day long but searches for things like oxygen and "Safety Data Sheets" and I'm getting pdf's from places like "Irish Oxygen" in County Cork, Ireland!! Found another from the UK but the U.S searches show standard MSDS. In order for me to keep the "proper" records making them available might be a good idea.
Parent - By Oneatatime (**) Date 02-28-2013 06:45
Parent - - By Darrell_B (*) Date 02-27-2013 19:14
Another thing to be aware of: If you are using a household chemical, and using it for it's intended use (like if you keep Windex on board for wiping down your windshield) you do not need an MSDS. If you are using a household chemical for something beyond it's normal scope of use, you will need an MSDS.
Parent - - By JMCInc (**) Date 02-28-2013 14:01
That doesn't make sense, if someone on the job gets Windex in their eyes, you still need to know how to deal with it. Where can I find that reg at?
- - By Dualie (***) Date 03-01-2013 04:12
I put 99% of my MSDS book together from goggle the first couple times around and that worked for me for a while.  Luckily I scored at an auction a while back that had several professional MSDS books.   keep one in the "library" section of the truck with the Code books, welder certs, WPS's, and various catalogs.

I wounder if there is a smartphone app for this?
Parent - - By eekpod (****) Date 03-01-2013 11:14
"library section of my truck" :lol::lol:
Parent - - By Dualie (***) Date 03-02-2013 03:20
what can i say I'm a fancy man,  my truck smells of rich mahogany and many leather bound books.
Parent - By Tommyjoking (****) Date 03-02-2013 04:48
I was required last year to provide MSDS on a few contracts.. never heard of pulling it out of your butt on site..Wow I knew there was a reason I kept those little booklets out of rodcans and such.   I think my prices will be going up soon...
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