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- - By jeeleong Date 02-14-2003 00:59

I would like to weld AISI 4130 Steel Tubes of 1.5 mm thickness to make an external aircraft structure. I would appreciate if anyone could give some pointers on the stress relieve process.

Many thanks in advance

Best regards,
Parent - By RonG (****) Date 02-14-2003 17:45
Assuming this not for a commercial application.

What kind of pointers are you looking for? What process and filler will you be using?

The most common PWHT for 4130 would be 1050 deg F / 1 hr. per inch of max cross section.

PWHT effects the strength of the weld joint, do you know for sure thats what you want to do?
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 02-15-2003 15:41
I have NO experince with aircraft or even 1.5 MM thick tubing however I think PWHT of this material would be a waste of time and could cause more damage than good.

Generally as the thickness of the material increases, the residual stress in the weldment increases. If you are using a typical process such as OAW then more than likely the material is already stress relieved. GMAW/SMAW would result in more residual stress.

Here is an article I found on the internet that may be of use to you

Have a nice day

Gerald Austin
Parent - By Dave (**) Date 02-15-2003 17:21
There have been numerous posts in this forum on this subject. Click the search button, enter 4130 in the keywords box, 999 in the age box and 100 in the number of posts box. That will return a list of most of them. You can also search for chromoly or chrome-moly. This article from an authoritative source, The Lincoln Electric Compmany, is often cited:

Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / Welding 4130 Steel Tubes

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