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- - By CATwelder Date 02-17-2003 18:56
A colleague of mine is having problems with through the arc seam tracking on his ABB system while going around a tight radius. The part being welded is shaped similar to a foodtball, with the ends having a tight radius. He has a S3 controller, which I am not familiar with and thus cannot offer any advice, so I am asking you for yours.

Here is all relevant info:

Welding on 316L material using the FCAW process
w/ straight CO2
Part is welded in the flat position
Using Weld Guide only on cap pass
Software M93/11
S3 controller
Weld Guide #2
With through the arc seam tracking turned off the torch does not hit the part

Does anything jump out at you?? Any advise/suggestions would be appreciated

Start Data
Ignition voltage difference = -2.0V
Ignition current difference = -50.0A
Gas preflow = 1.0sec
Hot voltage difference = -2
Hot start time = 0sec
Re strike amplitude = 0
Re strike crosstime = 0
Arc weld start time (max) = 2.0sec

Main Data
Volts = 28V
Amps = 265A
Travel = 6.2mm/sec

Weave Data
Type = zig zag
Amplitude = 4.0mm
Crosstime = 0.15sec
Dwell L = 0.10sec
Dwell R = 0.10sec
Forward bias = 0.0mm
Waeve anlge = 90deg
Perpendicular = yes

Sensor Data
Side correct # = 2
Side bias = 50%
Height correct # = 3
ā€œSā€ correct angle = 0deg
Parent - By ROBO-WELD (*) Date 02-21-2003 00:34
I have not worked with the Weld Guide and was told by others here that it is obsolete and has been replaced with Advanced Weld Control a new version of seam tracking. Several of my students have Weld Guide and say it works great; at least for their application.I do know the AWC so most of your data does mean something to me. I have some ideas but am waiting for a response from engineers that have worked with WG for years.You may be going beyond the limitations of Weld Guide. Hang in there; I'll get back as soon as I get info..

Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / ABB S3 Through the Arc Seam Tracking

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