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- - By aevald (*****) Date 05-31-2013 04:41
Hello folks, been a while since I have posted something in this area and this post is the result of a machine use issue in our shop. Most of you likely don't have the type of employees who will use their foot to turn a machine on/off, but we, our students, "apparently" do. I finally got tired of just telling folks not to do this sort of thing and decided to address the issue with a modification to our machines.

Part of this involved coming up with a "one shot" punch/die system to simplify the fabrication process. Since these parts have a fairly narrow internal clearance and long "legs" I wanted to avoid having to back-break the parts and flatten them after making the bends on the legs. I have included some pictures of the parts and process. Hope you folks enjoy this little "trick". Now, for those of you who really ARE machinists please cut me a little bit of slack, the machining is NOT up to most industry standards. Best regards, Allan
Parent - - By Tommyjoking (****) Date 06-02-2013 21:18 Edited 06-02-2013 21:20
Allan there is NOTHING wrong with making what will work (machinists comment ...please).  Looks highly effective to me.  There ya go, it is a shame you had to do it.

Unfortunately I think sometimes folks get to anal on here about picking stuff apart.  I would put that on my equipment if needed and feel like I did a bang up job.
Parent - - By aevald (*****) Date 06-02-2013 21:42
Thanks Tommy, I certainly made the machining comment tongue-in-cheek, I was simply being honest in that folks who machine for a living would likely approach, design, and build to more exacting standards. When I fabricate/weld I try very hard to always provide the level of craftsmanship that the item deserves. Now, there are many extenuating circumstances that will dictate exactly to what degree that truly is. Good to see that you are keeping so busy and doing so well. Best regards, Allan
Parent - By Tommyjoking (****) Date 06-04-2013 03:43
Flame cut(plasma) slots are a necessary thing....not a lot in our world needs the precision of a mill cut hole.  Punching a hole on a bend!  I will also say that ridiculous bend tolerances and hole spacing really only apply to life and death failure engineered stuff....other than that the old 1.5 the hole diameter or whatever is more then adequate.

I have been complemented many times on my flame cut holes and slots....I probably spend too much time laying them out to make sure i get the results I want but hey....always strive for as perfect as you can get right?  Bend radius engineering...that's a sticky subject for sure....I will work to whatever that stock die will put out and lay out accordingly.  I figure as long as it does not exceed the capabilities of the material for cold forming it is a good radius eh?  All in all that is the diff between a $100 part and a $600 dollar part...both do the same dang job and both are just as effective....onE must conform and the other just does its thing....LOL.  You go Allan!!!!
Parent - By F-17 (**) Date 06-05-2013 22:06
There are  factory made offset knife dies available for doing exactly what you needed to do.We had one and some other custom  home made top and bottom dies where I used to work.
Up Topic Welding Industry / Welding Fundamentals / "WINDOW" punch for press brake

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