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- - By bajuyor Date 02-26-2003 17:51
I am dealing with an intermittent fillet weld. The size is .10 and the length of each weld is .50. The pitch is 1.20 inches. The drawing states "WELD IN ACCORDANCE WITH MIL-STD-2219." Paragraph states "Fillet weld size shall be as specified in the drawing and represents the minimum weld size." I find no upper limit for what is to be considered acceptable weld size. MIL-STD-2219 is cancelled and superceded by SAE-AMS-STD-2219 which is in turn superceded by AWS-D17.1. Table 6.1 in AWS-D17.1 shows an upper limit on weld size based upon the thickness of the material being welded. I have been unable to locate any dimensional tolerance information for the length of the weld or for the spacing between welds.


Dimension Lower Limit Upper Limit

fillet weld size as shown by weld symbol Table 6.1 in AWS-D17.1

fillet weld length ? ?

fillet weld spacing ? ?

1. What is standard practice for specifying tolerance zones? Should I use notes or show it in the weld symbol?

2. If no tolerance is specified, can the length and spacing even be controlled or are they essentially reference dimensions?

Thanks for the assistance,

Ronnie A. Bajuyo
Senior Mechanical Engineer
317.306.2764 fax

Parent - By jwright650 (*****) Date 02-26-2003 18:07
My guess would be that the engineer that designed this joint configuration needed the minimum weld shown on the drawing, if you put more weld than is required you've give him more than he's asked for.
Example drawing calls for 1/4 fillet (BS) staggered 3" every 12"
You give him 5/16" fillet (BS) staggered 4" every 12" (he's getting more than he paid for) it'll only cost you more to do more than is required. I'm not sure it would be a cause for rejection, unless you go way overboard(too much heat input, etc...)
My opinion would be to give him "atleast" what the drawing calls for,
John Wright
ps. It's not a tolerance but rather a min. required.
Parent - By smithdos (*) Date 02-26-2003 18:16
I work in an aerospace shop, and we weld to SAE AMS-STD-2219 all the time (yes, now superseded by the AWS spec).

The weld spacing/pitch are to be considered *minimums.*

As far as tolerancing, we use 2-place dimesnional tolerances (per our table of allowances in the title block) to tolerance the weld length and/or weld spacing.


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