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- - By rfaustini Date 02-27-2003 19:26
I am welding a36 sections to a500 tube sections. Engineer of record says that i cannot tig. Must use arc welder with e70xx rod. Is he correct?
Parent - By jwright650 (*****) Date 02-27-2003 19:30
What code are you working to?
Parent - By KAJUN1 (*) Date 02-27-2003 20:30
It really depends on the clients procedures for those tubes. Everyone is different. Just because one company welds it one way doesn't mean the next one will. But you need to know the code & procedure they are using.
Parent - - By RonG (****) Date 02-27-2003 20:35
What ever process the WPS states.

What sizes and thickness are you dealing with?
Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 02-28-2003 19:38
If you are working to D1.1, GTAW is not considered to be a prequalified process. If you are working to a qualified WPS, the EOR has the final say on whether or not he will accept the WPS.
John Wright
Parent - By DGXL (***) Date 03-01-2003 05:49
Sounds like the cover sheet of every set of drawings I have ever seen since becoming an inspector.

John W. is right as well, break out the wire feeders or stick welder if you have the time/$$ to spare.

See also the UBC/IBC, AISC manual, etc.
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