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- - By Smooth Operator (***) Date 10-25-2013 22:54
Well got a contract to do some welding at a fracking plant. When talking to the project manager was told the weld test for my welders will be a monster coupon in 6G...... Tig root & hot pass w / 7018 rest of way out......Hopeing some of the old hands at this type of work can tell me what size pipe they use for the monster coupon????????? (Asked project manager ,he had no idea said he would "get back to me  on that")  I'm sure that isn't at the top of his list , doesn't even have a foreman picked yet !!!!!!!!!
Parent - By PlasmaHead2 (***) Date 10-25-2013 23:26

I remember the ads from the welding journal... never tried but I don't pretend I'm a pipe welder either :lol:
Parent - - By swsweld (****) Date 10-26-2013 17:53
The Monster coupon gives you the best bang for the buck in most situations but keep in mind that you will still be limited on your GTAW metal deposition with only the tig root and hot pass. If you are anticipating tig welding pipe all the way out or making heavy tig depositions you might need to weld 1 coupon with GTAW and another with SMAW or a combination. The ASME Section IX thickness limits are 2T. 2 times the deposited GTAW metal.

The coupon will give you unlimited diameter down to 1" pipe. Anything smaller than that will be the size (diameter) testes on i.e. 3/4" qualifies you for 3/4" and up.
Congrats on getting the work.
Parent - - By Tommyjoking (****) Date 10-27-2013 19:11
Smooth it has been forever but if I remember correct it is a 2" sch180
Parent - By Superflux (****) Date 10-28-2013 06:09
For some reason, I was thinking it was 2-1/2" to give a solid 6" of weld length on the internal dimension.
Don't quote me on it though.
Parent - - By js55 (*****) Date 10-28-2013 14:44
The 'monster' coupon was brought about by a Section IX code change around 10 years ago wherein the required deposit thickness was reduced from 3/4" minimum for 'unlimited' deposit (quotes on purpose). It is a 5/8" thick 2" diameter coupon that allows max deposit thickness as well as diameter reduction to 1". It eliminated the old necessity of having to do a 2" (usually a schedule 80) and a 6 inch to get deposit and diameter reduction.
I believe the 'monster' coupon name actually originated with Triangle Engineering, a major supplier of test coupons.
Parent - By F-17 (**) Date 10-28-2013 16:45
Welded up lots of them over the years ,Relatively certain its DOM tube
Parent - By spgtti (**) Date 10-28-2013 19:40
Also called a Super Coupon. I've been told its made from tube, and as js55 said it changed qualification ranges from its pipe predecessor.
Parent - - By Rafter_G_Weldin (***) Date 10-29-2013 02:44
2" 6g heavy wall alot of the compressor station jobs are testing that way or a 2" and 6" heavy wall
Parent - By Smooth Operator (***) Date 10-29-2013 21:59
Thanks everybody for the info......I've heard it called  "super coupon"  didn't know "Monster" was same animal....Also was confused with it being called a "pipe" cause it don't show up on any pipe schedule ...... Actually it's a tube...... Learn something new every day!!!!!!!!!!
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