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- - By tito (**) Date 03-06-2003 20:30
I need guidence for writing a procedure for overlaying an inconel filler metal to 4140 plate. I have a very old edition of D1.1 and I can't find anything on overlaying. If D1.1 does not cover overlaying, I could probably get by with using sec. IX. Again, my books are outdated and pages are missing (new books are being ordered), so any info on this would be very helpful.

Parent - - By Niekie3 (***) Date 03-07-2003 19:29
Hi Tito

You can certainly use ASME IX to qualify your corrosion resistand overly welding procedure. It will however not give you any guidance on how to perform the actual weld. It will merely give you information on what the test piece must look like, the tests to perform and the qualified ranges for your test.

What info are you looking for? The welding info, or the test piece info?

Follow the following link to see a paper dealing with calculations for weld overlays:*pap-WQMXM&next=search

In addition, a spreadsheet can be downloaded to perform these calculations by following the link:

I hope this is the information you had in mind.

Niekie Jooste
Parent - - By jmcnamara Date 03-18-2003 16:47
Hi Niekie

I found the information you referenced to Tito very interesting. Can I use the same approach for buttering?
I'm planning to butter the edge of a 2" thick 4130 plate with Inco 82 or 625, go through the post weld heat treatment on the plate and then weld a machined 304 component to it. I'm trying to avoid the post weld heat treatment on the final part.

Parent - By Niekie3 (***) Date 03-19-2003 18:45
Hi Joe

Yes, you certainly can use the same approach for buttering. You must just use reasonable values for the dilution.

Niekie Jooste
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