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- - By bmaas1 (***) Date 03-10-2003 16:31
Is there such a thing a spray transfer when using flux core or is it spray like transfer. I always thought flux core welding was globular.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Brian Maas
Parent - By GRoberts (***) Date 03-10-2003 18:12
Unlike GMAW, where transfer mode only depends on the electrical perameters & gas, FCAW transfer mode depends more on the electrical perameters and flux type, and somewhat less on the gas. Basic wires, which are not the most popular to weld with, but get good properties (ie EXXXT5-XX or EXXT-5) are difficult to get spray transfer with, (I don't think I have seen it myself) and operate in the globular mode, but with rutile type fluxes, (ie EXXXT1-XX or EXXT-1/9/12) it is much easier. Unlike GMAW, most of the rutile type electrodes can achieve spray transfer with 100% CO2. As far as "spray" transfer, and "spray like" transfer, I believe it is spray transfer, as the only requirement for this type of transfer is that the metal droplet diameter is smaller than the electrode diameter. The appendix for the FCAW electrode specifications, such as A5.20, A5.29 refer to spray transfer for the 1/9/12 type electrodes also. I do not have as much experience with FCAW-S, but the AWS specs also mention spray transfer for EXXT6-X, but globular for EXXT4-X, and smooth spray for EXXT11-X
Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / Flux core welding

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