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Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / Sandblasting then tig weld
- - By stever (**) Date 03-24-2003 21:49
A subject came up about tig welding steel that had been sandblasted. The pro's and con's of sandblasting have been discussed to some length and in great detail.

I'm looking for any information concerning this topic. The subject was started concerning sandblasting (yep, SAND) on something to be x-rayed. Same subject was discussed, but about high carbon steel.

Please state anything that is proveable, written, or considered standard operational accepted procedure. Links, quotes from any code book(s), anything.

Thanks for any help.
Parent - By G.S.Crisi (****) Date 03-27-2003 00:27
In my opinion, but I may be wrong, there should be no problem in welding a sandblasted steel.
A word of warning: sandblasting can leave a little sand grain incrusted into the metal, which, if not removed before the weld is done, will show up in the radiograph. So, the surface to be welded should be carefully cleaned before welding.
Giovanni S. Crisi
Sao Paulo - Brazil
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 03-27-2003 00:40
You will probably have a little more slag form on the surface of the finished weld if any of the silica is left. It can be chipped off pretty easy with a piece of tig wire if it bothers you.

I have tig welded a few items that have been blasted with no problem.

G Austin
Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / Sandblasting then tig weld

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