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- - By jer (**) Date 04-01-2003 15:53
I have a new project that in past had been mig welded. Stamping company made a new fixture for welding parts and I only need a 1/2" long weld. Spatter has to be totally removed from fixture to locate a new part, also spatter has to be removed from the finished part. I tried Tig welding and was able to get in there and it worked nice with no spatter.

Material is 1/8" steel. Old print called for a weld of .16 and does not specify which welding process.

If I Tig what size weld should be placed on this for I feel a .16 weld was quite large and that an 1/8 will do or even less.

Part does not have really any stress on it.
( I want to be able to share this info with the company, which in the end will make their own decision.)
What about weld strenght mig vs tig now.
Parent - By Wildturkey (**) Date 04-01-2003 16:17
the strength will be determined by the fillermetal......i am assuming that both processes were using 70 series wire.....if so i would have someone look at the weld design before i went to a smaller weld.......maybe you could up the tensile strength and go with a smaller weld
Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / Tig verse mig

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