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- - By jbsc Date 10-13-2015 13:16
While qualifying a procedure in accordance with Clause 4 of D1.1 for unlimited plate thickness, which thickness governs in regards to plate thickness qualified? Reduced Section or Plate thickness tested? Plate thickness qualified: 1 inch. Guided Bend Tests equaled plate test thickness. Reduced Section Tensile specimens were reduced in thickness during the machining process but PASSED destructive testing for tested material type of A36 Group II.
The TPI states per ABS Rules the reduced section thickness must equal plate tested thickness. I am unable to convince the TPI that the reduced section testing is to prove requirements are met in regards to material tensile, yield, & elongation along with electrode match. As stated before all tests were; Radiography, Guided Bend Tests, and Reduced Sections all passed with acceptable results. Any help with a reference or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 10-13-2015 16:40


Parent - By WeldinFool (**) Date 10-13-2015 18:25
Your guy is wrong. Refer him to D1.1/2008 Table 4.2
Parent - - By In Tension (**) Date 10-13-2015 22:17 Edited 10-13-2015 22:31
You're test plates are good to go per AWS D1.1.  But...
I don't know how often you deal with ABS but be aware of the difference between a TPI and a certification body.  Because they're issuing certification, as opposed to just witnessing and reporting, you are also playing by their rules.  This can make an unseasoned inspector extremely reluctant when something contentious comes up.
When you submit a WPS for review they usually put a cop-out clause in the acceptance document they issue... this WPS blah blah blah has been approved "pending acceptance from the surveyor."  So your procedure is never approved unconditionally.  Most of them are extremely knowledgeable but this gives them the ability to be an enormous pain in the butt, especially if they're an unreasonable person.  But, in any case, the onus is on him to reference whatever provision he's referring to. 
I'm surprised your situation didn't quickly work itself out. They're usually required to call their supervisor immediately if there's an issue that can't be resolved.  If he can't produce the ABS Rule that shoots down your procedure then it's your right to call the Senior Surveyor in your area to state your case.
Parent - By jbsc Date 10-14-2015 14:22
Thank you for responding. I spoke to the ABS Surveyor about the subject again this morning and piece by piece laid out the requirements per the Code. Much to my surprise he acknowledged each valid reference and in the end agreed with the explanation. It also helped convincing him when I showed him all the replies I received on the forum. All that is left is to convince the ABS Engineer who initially shot the results down. Hopefully this will all be put to bed by the end of the week. Thanks again for your input.
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