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Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / CWI/WPS Concerns: Examining previous CWI & Company Documents
- - By Bowler_Hat (**) Date 10-13-2015 13:26
Hey All,

Call me a nervous and naive Nelly, I have some concerns with what I'm finding at my current job.

Looking at the WPS we have here, in use and in archives, I noticed a trend. The previous CWI/Weld Technician would sign off on their PQR's and WPS's with a digital signature (that is, it's their name printed with (On File) next to said name). Is that a common practice?

But the weird stuff happens when this previous individual left and the company filled in their place for the last 8 months.

So, simple question. I have a WPS here Prepared by : (The Employer) on Date: 2/21/15

On the next page of the WPS I have, "The signed parties below certify that this welding procedure Specification has been developed and qualified in substantial conformance with the requirements of AWS D1.1:2010 Written by: Previous CWI on Date 12/5/15."

Further down it reads "Approved by: (The Employer) on Date: 12/5/14

To me, this seems like a rather large error. The Person who 'prepared the document' doesn't match with who 'wrote the document', nor do the dates make any sense.

When I asked about this, I was told, "That's because the Weld Tech set the PQR in December." ...I'm under the impression the previous CWI gave his blessing to use a WPS if the PQR passed...but all of this doesn't check out.

Thoughts and considerations? If indeed these documents are not kosher, who would have further ideas as to where and what to do?

Thanks all, trying to keep things by the book here!
Parent - - By WeldinFool (**) Date 10-13-2015 18:19
Could the 2/21/15 date be for a revision? This would explain the earlier dates for approval.
Parent - - By Bowler_Hat (**) Date 10-13-2015 18:42
No revisions made (known or documented)
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 10-13-2015 19:53
Mistakes could have been made. It is up to you to correct the mistakes if they are recoverable. The PQR may be fine if the dates are correct. You may need to revise the existing WPS or write a new WPS.

- By CWI555 (*****) Date 10-17-2015 11:21
My opinion and 2.50 might get you a cup of coffee, but that opinion is to go conservative. Establish clear and traceable documentation from the time you started the job forward. If you have doubts, it is likely any legal entity would as well. It's hard to go wrong going conservative.
Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / CWI/WPS Concerns: Examining previous CWI & Company Documents

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