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- - By whatever Date 11-02-2015 20:10
Please help
We do a 1G qualification for our company. Use 1/2" V groove 6061-T6 plate material. We have WPS  for GMAW.
We agree when welder passes he is qualified for 1G  for material 1/8" to 1".
However we have two different interpretations for material thickness welder is qualified to for fillet welds in 1F and 2F position.
One person says unlimited both minimum and maximum thickness. While one person interprets minimum to be 1/8" and maximum to be unlimited thickness due to fact that note C is only indicated by maximum and not by minimum nominal plate thickness, in table 3.8
We would appreciate hearing what your interpretation  is.
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 11-03-2015 01:43
I am traveling for the next few weeks, so all I can offer is my personal opinion and my preference.

We require the welder to pass the fillet break test first. Then the welder takes the plate test. If successful with the first two tests, the welder takes a pipe test in the 6G position.

- - By whatever Date 11-03-2015 12:08
Thanks Al
We do aluminum beginner course which they would do 2F first ,
But supervisors can opt to have more experience welders test out with 1G.
Which then leaves us with the dilemma of what is minimum thickness qualified for fillet welds using 1G to qualify.appreciate you taking time to help.
Parent - By CLH1978 (**) Date 11-04-2015 22:26
Hi Whatever. I feel your pain. Learning to understand the AWS codes and standards can be stressful.
   We use time to time the D1.2 2008 copy. Table 3.8 states that groove welds on plate also qualify fillet welds. Under nominal plate thickness qualified, note c is indicated. Note c states that fillet welds are qualified to unlimited thickness. Unlimited thickness to me is no minimum and no maximum.
   Hope this helps.
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