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- - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 04-09-2003 20:41
Parent - - By DGXL (***) Date 04-09-2003 21:42
G Austin:
I do not advertise my business or services in this forum (I have hinted towards these a few times though). It is just that, a forum for discussions. Some of my friends who frequent this forum have mentioned your site, but in the same conversation mentioned " this appropriate setting for advertisments"? Have seen your "ads" in another forum as well. Someone else gangbanged this forum with their services and they were removed or withdrawn by the postee. I thought advertizing was prohibited in here. I could be wrong on this point, but whoever monitors the forum for AWS responds once in a great moon if at all. This does not include responses from AWS associates.

My point is, why not spend some $ and place ads for your products and/or services? I enjoy helping others learn. But I don't ask them to hire me or my services in return.

This is critque. This is not a slamming-flaming insult, only a suggestion as forums go.
Parent - - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 04-09-2003 21:48
I think your right. I've gone back and looked at the post and removed it and posted on the forum on my site.

I don't do much "Software Business" and am trying to get into it. The ad rates are higher than I can handle now but thats something I am going to consider. I was hoping to get to t he AWS show to get a feel for this but couldn't make it. I appreciate your honest feedback.

G Austin
Parent - - By DGXL (***) Date 04-09-2003 22:10
I was hoping the webmaster for this forum would respond with some helpful information for you and me both.
Parent - - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 04-09-2003 22:33
Me too. The things on my site are not really commercial however the potential is there. All of the programs I have are free and most are useable. I just never get much feedback about the programs. T hat could be because people are to kind to criticize something thats free.

I figure this would be a good place to start since I don't get much traffic on my forum and its not as pleasant to use as this one.

I am thinking about the "For sale" forum.

I have the original text of the post on my site if the webmaster is curious about what we speak and lets me know.

G Austin
Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 04-10-2003 11:33
I've used your weld cost analytical tool and found it to be useful. Convincing other management(not familiar with welding) that we are spending more money (with some of the joint designs we use) than we have to, is an ongoing chore. You know, you have heard it too, "We have always done it like this, why do you want to change it after 30+ years?" I've showed them the difference in the volumn of filler metal of the two different joints and can't convince them one is more expensive(labor and materials) to weld than the other when full pen is needed on thicker materials.
Good luck with your software sales,
John Wright
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 04-10-2003 12:47

I know what your talking about regarding cost. shows a difference in fitup techniques for a doubler pad on a fan blade. The method shown for the lesser volume of weld metal is probably still not used. "Its always been done this way and worked" carries a great deal of weight.

G Austin
Parent - - By CHGuilford (****) Date 04-10-2003 13:38
I didn't see the post before you deleted it so I have no comment on that other than to say I appreciate your being sensitive to the overall good of the forum. I'm not an AWS employee, I just appreciate a good forum where all the participants are well behaved and considerate, like this one is.
I also want to say that the lack of feed back on your programs doesn't mean it's bad. It could be that many people did like me; I looked briefly at your site a long time ago and thought sometime when I have more time I wanted to take a better look. thing after another.
However, you do deserve a fair review, what with your being patient and your willingness to share your knowledge. I will make a point to bookmark your site, try your programs, and give you my 2 cent opinion.
Chet Guilford
Parent - - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 04-10-2003 13:51
The post wasn't really in tune with this forum. I value the opinions here a great deal and appreciate any feedback.

I am mainly curious if this is something worth putting more effort into or just giving away the programs as-is with no bells and whistles.

Thanks for your time

G Austin
Parent - - By DGXL (***) Date 04-10-2003 15:23
We are both learning here without knowing it (I think).

Some of the services I offer have taken off without trying to push them. It turned out to be what was in demand at the time, the perfect audience, and what was needed at that time. It has all been circumstantial for me as a business. Kind of like Edison, but by no means the same scale.

My wimpy training modules appear to be the flavor of the month for the time being. I have had to shift focus to the training materials and it takes up my time from what I enjoy doing, WPS, PQR, WPQR, QC manual type stuff.

I think you need to develope a plan for the service(s) or products you wish to promote. Focus on those unless you get into my situation were you have to go where the crowd takes you. I'm still making money, now I have to deal with a wide variety of personalities, experience and dispositions.

It's tough being a one-man-band, ain't it?
Parent - - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 04-10-2003 16:50
Your right. That right place at the right time with the right people is pretty valuable. I haven't put near enough effort into the programming I have been doing for years.

It was always just a hobby. All of the needs for welding related software may be nearly filled now but since things are slow here and I enjoy not being gone on construction jobs, I better try something or get my tools packed.

G Austin
Parent - - By DGXL (***) Date 04-10-2003 17:37
Do you travel beyond the "Rocket City" limits (i.e: out of state)?
Parent - - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 04-10-2003 17:41
I do but I try not to stay gone for more than a week or two at a time.

G Austin
Parent - By DGXL (***) Date 04-10-2003 18:08
Same here.

What about spending more time (and of course more $$) marketing yourself with other companies in other states? I have clients all over the world, but don't enjoy traveling, particularly in these trying times.

Call some of the bigger companies who you think could use your services as a consultant. Don't try to hard sell anyone, it don't work, especially for someone like me. Don't try to sell them software if they need tips on welding or welder problems. Mention you could visit their facility and help streamline their operations. This has worked for me in the past. But you have to perform to their minimum expectations, or it will be a one shot deal.

By the way, I forgot to ask, do you want to stay small or expand your business with additional personnel (employees or contractors)? I have tried this several times including recently. It is tough. Most think these services are cookie-cutter. I cannot hire anyone to do what I do. But, I want to hire qualified people to do the QC stuff which is for the most part cookie-cutter in nature.

I have to meet with a client, I'll send an e-mail with my business addy to your site, drop a line when time permits.

Parent - By dee (***) Date 04-10-2003 18:13
All you guys...
I'm responding to the thought that the systems operator supervising this forum does not respond to requests for comments or advice... You have to address an email directly to him/them to solve that problem.

I got bent out-of-shape some months ago over this (combined with other) issues and was kindly, politely, and assertively corrected. Thus advised I pass the information forward and remain keenly interested in the responsiveness of the guys in charge.

Sorry if I'm not posted in the right order or place here as time is short and I'm a bit rushed but still have good intention... I skimmed over the entire thread and think I understand

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