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- - By Calibra121 Date 11-17-2015 13:53
Hi Folks,
I'm having a few issues with a project I'm working on at the moment. My supplier has provided a CJP WPQ to cover both PJP & CJP welds being carried out on the project. Unfortunately only 2 macro tests have been carried out on the original CJP qualification and our client is refusing to accept the PJP as pre-qualified because of this. The supplier claims this is incorrect. Details below

Clause 4.11.3 of AWS D1.1-2010 states that PJP butt welds qualified by CJP a minimum of three macro cross sections are
required to demonstrate the specified welds size is achieved or exceeded.

However, when dealing with welding PJP connections utilising a previously qualified CJP WPS, AWS states within sections 3.12/3.13 as referenced Table 4.5 (31) in that a CJP butt weld qualification qualifies any groove detail including PJP as long as the PJP details are in accordance with any of the those pre-qualified joints shown in Figure 3.3 included below
The project PJP Joint details being utilised on the project conform with the joint designation BTC-P5-GF therefore can this be welded with any qualified Complete Joint Penetration Procedure?
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 11-18-2015 02:58
As long as the groove detail conforms to a prequalified PJP detail, and providing all the conditions of prequalification are met, i.e., approved welding process, matching filler metal, preheat, etc., it is not necessary to perform any macro sections.

Parent - By Calibra121 Date 11-18-2015 09:57
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