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- - By Richman (**) Date 11-19-2015 13:47
If welder/s qualified for GTAW (Flux Coated wire) on root, is he qualified to weld for GTAW using solid wire on root pass?
Parent - - By In Tension (**) Date 11-19-2015 18:46 Edited 11-20-2015 20:25
What code are you working to?  AWS D1.1 addresses this as an essential variable that affects WPS qualification but not welder performance qualification.  Code requirements aside, putting in a root with a flux-coated wire takes more skill than with solid wire so I'd hazard a guess that welder skill won't be an issue in this situation.  If they were going from solid wire to flux-coated wire I'd consider requalifying them or at least allowing some practice time.
Parent - - By Richman (**) Date 11-20-2015 16:00
Where working for B31.8 code.
Parent - - By In Tension (**) Date 11-20-2015 17:08
So, your welders are qualified to Section IX or API 1104 (for in-service welding).  I'll check it out when I get the chance.
Parent - - By Richman (**) Date 11-20-2015 18:05
Yes Sir, our welder/s are qualified in Section IX.
Parent - - By In Tension (**) Date 11-20-2015 20:24
I believe the welders need to be requalified per Section IX due to change in electrode product form.  But somebody who has Section IX handy needs to verify that...
Parent - - By Don56 (**) Date 11-20-2015 21:49
QW-404.23 requires re-qualification if you change the product form of the filler metal from flux coated to solid or vise versa.
Parent - By Richman (**) Date 11-25-2015 22:33
Thanks all for the assistance...
- - By sostler Date 12-30-2015 18:37
I am getting ready to  Qualify  welders to D1.1 using a pre-qualified joint using 1/16" FCAW E71T no PQR needed.  My question is what is the Range Qualified for Wire Diameter. I am use to D1.5 were we have done a PQR and your wire Diameter Essential Variable is plus or minus one standard size. I have looked at Table 4.12 D1.1 Essential Variables change and it states Nothing on filler metal diameter. So a welder qualified using 1/16" wire is also qualified to use any wire diameter is this true
Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 12-30-2015 19:00
D1.1:2010....for Procedure Qualifications/Essential Variables(Table 4.5) list wire diameter changes, but like you stated, D1.1 doesn't see a change in wire diameter as an essential variable for welder performance qualifications(Table 4.12).

(Just a Note.... Table 4.12(4) is speaking of pipe diameters not electrodes)
Parent - - By sostler Date 12-30-2015 19:40
We will be using all pre-qualified joint so no PQR is needed so table 4.5 should not aply only table 4.12 in my opion  as long as all WPS essential variables are followed by the welders and use only pre-qualified joints (etc) wire diameter dose not apply. So if a welder is qualified using 1/16" wire he can use 035, .045,  and still be considered qualified. is this sound right.
Parent - By jwright650 (*****) Date 12-30-2015 20:59
Right on, that's the way I see it. :cool:
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