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- - By sharif Date 04-12-2003 07:30
If we dont desired do Stress Releive on welding of chrome-moly steel pipe such as 5% or 9% chrome then can we use electrode E-309L or Inconel-182 for this joint?
thickness of pipe=6 to 10 mm
type of joint Butt or socket or fillet
If we can do this .what is standard reference?
please explain for me.
Parent - - By chall (***) Date 04-12-2003 13:50
5% & 9% chrome steel will probably be classified P5B material in ASME Section IX, QW-422.

If you are welding those materials in accordance with the ASME COdes (I, VIII, B31.1 or B31.3) you will have to PWHT all butt & socket welds (that form the pressure boundary). There are a few exceptions to the requirement to perform PWHT, related to non-pressure part to pressure part attachment welds. You should obtain the codes and check into them.

If you are looking for a definite answer, you will have to indicate what the code of construction is.

Charles Hall
Parent - By sharif Date 04-13-2003 08:29
dear sir
thanks for your answer but I saw in welding handbook that we can weld chrome-moly steel socket joint and small repair on butt joint by electrode E-309 and we dont use SR on them.
what is your idea?

Parent - By Niekie3 (***) Date 04-15-2003 19:31

At 6-10mm thick, I believe that you will have to PWHT. Irrespective of the filler metal that you use, you will end up with a hardened HAZ. This is where the problem will lie.

If your concern is field welds that are not practical to PWHT, then I would "butter" the ends of the pipe with the Inconel and PWHT these. Then perform the final weld in the field by welding the buttered layers together, again using the Inconel.

Hope this helps

Niekie Jooste
Parent - By G.S.Crisi (****) Date 04-16-2003 00:19
I entirely agree with C. Hall and Niekie`s answers. However, as you say that you`ve seen in a handbook that it`s not necessary to PWHT the weld, I`m curious to know what handook is that (title and author)
Giovanni S. Crisi
Sao Paulo - Brazil
Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / Welding of chrome-moly steel

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