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- - By welder2 (*) Date 11-30-2015 21:16
Hi all, I could use a little advice.

What actions if any are usually taken for current company wps's when a new edition is published such as the new 2015 d1.1?

Also, when testing a performance qualification for a company, how many cwi's concern themselves with confirming company wps parameters are correct or do you test them to what the company wps list and be done?

Thanks in advance.
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 11-30-2015 21:34
WPSs that were previously qualified to an earlier edition of D1.1 are still valid. Editorial changes can be made, such as a change in F number or electrode classification (thinking about the new nightmare system for FCAW).

The welder performance qualification testing can use an existing WPS as long as the welder uses the parameters listed by the WPS. In other words, if someone didn't do their homework and the existing WPS was worthless when it was written and it is still worthless. That would justify writing a new WPS.

Just because AWS publishes a new edition of D1.1 does not mean you have to jump on the bandwagon right away. You are most likely governed by a building code that cites an earlier edition of the code. Also, be wary that the Engineer has not invoked an earlier edition of D1.1. That being the situation, you may be required to use the edition invoked by the building code or the project specification.

Personally, there is no way I'm going to bite the bait or drink the Kool-Aid on this edition of D1.1 (2015). I cannot agree with the premise that it is fine to weld over oil, cutting fluid, etc. Someone was taking "stupid pills" when that was passed by the D1 committee. If you aren't familiar with the term, "stupid pills" are those little brown "jelly beans" the rabbit leaves behind.

Parent - By kcd616 (***) Date 12-01-2015 00:56 Edited 12-01-2015 00:58
my thoughts are close to yours
local code tops everything
unless we deal with nrc, mil, dot, etc. etc. etc.:eek::roll:
deal with the top dog, and let them make the call
all code in my years of dealing with it
goes to the top rung of the ladder
meaning never aws, asme ,api, etc. etc. etc.
also meaning the inspector is NEVER top rung...oooppsss....sorry guys:evil::twisted::wink::yell::surprised::razz::lol:
just my thoughts
PS: Al my little woman has 15 bunnies, can supply aws with all the pills they need:evil::wink:
Parent - - By Joey (***) Date 12-01-2015 03:40
“This Section list the Code, Standards and Specifications that shall be used with this document unless otherwise specified herein, use the Latest Edition”

I think it depends with your agreement with your customer whether they will accept the existing WPS based on earlier edition. The tender document / project specification should be carefully studied, if in doubt ask for clarification before putting your price.

I know some contractor who has to spend a lot of money to requalify their wps and welders for the reason that the project specification stipulated the use of latest edition. I agree that the earlier edition is still valid, but the client may reason out that they want to witness the new testing. It’s another burden if the client inspector will come to witness the testing being conducted.

Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 12-01-2015 04:09
Joey, I would normally be in your corner on this, but the inquiry is specific to AWS D1.1. With D1.1 and ASME Section IX, WPSs developed to an earlier edition while that was in effect are valid. The exception is when the contract specifically requires the WPSs be qualified using the current edition or a specific edition. The contractor better include the price of qualification in his quote if the contract requires all the WPSs to be qualified per the current edition .

Best regards - Al
- - By welder2 (*) Date 12-01-2015 19:08 Edited 12-01-2015 19:11
Thanks everyone for the information.

One more item, I read for qualifying new procedures you must use the latest edition, but how does this work for the performance qualification testing? Can the WQR reflect 2010 or must test by 2015 edition?
Parent - By 803056 (*****) Date 12-02-2015 19:41
Use the code edition cited by the project specification or the applicable building code.

At this time, I wouldn't use the 2015 edition of D1.1 for anything.

I refuse to drink the company tea.

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