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- - By wholmes Date 12-11-2015 15:43
AWS D1.5 2010. I have qualified a WPS by performing a PQR using section 5.12.4. I have written the WPS using the essential variables in Table 5.3. One specific state DOT is insisting I must also adhere to the limits of 5.12.3. We work for all states and in 10 years I have never had any other entity interpret the code this way.
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 12-12-2015 00:53
Is that a question or a comment?

Parent - - By wholmes Date 12-14-2015 12:10
Parent - - By fschweighardt (***) Date 12-14-2015 12:19
5.12.3 appears to only refer to WPS/PQR that are performed to 5.12.1 and 5.12.2.  Not sure what your DOT guys problem is, unless they have modified code requirements, or are using a different edition.  5.12.4 looks to be all new for the 2010 edition.
Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 12-14-2015 14:55
Oh trust me, there is always one who thinks he knows far more than he really does and must impose his will on everyone to show how powerful he is. 

One must learn to pick your battles carefully as to when to just try to appease them and when to present a well versed case and 'educate' them. 

Whatever you do, don't TRY to make them look like a fool or stupid,  they are quite capable of that themselves but you will win a friend if handled properly and they will work much better with you later.

He Is In Control, Have a Great Day,  Brent
- By 803056 (*****) Date 12-14-2015 22:35
Many state DOTs hire third party inspectors to watch over their projects. Many state DOTs require the testing agency to use CWIs to act on their behalf as third party inspectors. Remember, if that is the situation in your case, the CWI may have been one of those individuals that passed the examinations by one or two points.

Remember, the fellow that graduates at the bottom of his medical class is still called "Doctor". You wouldn't want that individual to operate on you, but he/she is still a doctor.

A CWI that passes the examination by scoring at least 72 on the examinations is still called a CWI. He or she are qualified to act as the state's TPI on bridge projects. Scary, but true.

Brent is correct in saying it is better to work with the TPI when you can, but there are those cases where one must say, "Sorry buddy, but you are wrong." The TPI should be able to show you where you turned left when you turned right. If he says "It is the way I want it", then you have a case. Do it in a nice way, you don't need another enemy.

Best regards - Al
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