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- - By jbfab Date 12-14-2015 13:57
Good morning all,

I have done a search on this topic and did not find anything that answers my question.

I recently passed my CWI exam (in October).  I am not new to inspection or welding, but honestly in 15 years of welding, inspecting, and the last 5 years as our quality manager I have yet to see a CWI stamp on a document nor a requirement for it.

So when is a CWI stamp required to be used?  My guess is when a customer requires it.
Parent - - By welderbrent (*****) Date 12-14-2015 14:50


That's about the size of it.  Some customers will want your stamp on reports, WPS's you write for them, WPQR's you have witnessed and filled out for them, etc.  Others don't care or even prefer for it not to be there.

As welders certs and WPS's don't even have to be written by a CWI there is no 'REQUIREMENT' for them to have a stamp on them.  What I have run into the most is a space asking for my CWI number.  Not so much the stamp. 

But there is NO code or specification I am aware of that specifies a mandatory time when and where they are to be used.  Totally job discretionary. 

He Is In Control, Have a Great Day,  Brent
Parent - By jbfab Date 12-14-2015 15:19
Thanks for the prompt reply Brent!
- By 803056 (*****) Date 12-15-2015 04:03
The CWI stamp is like a new wife. At first you want to show it to everyone and stamp everything, but as time goes by you will use it less and less and finally you'll say, "Yea, I have a stamp. You really want me to stamp that paperwork?" I'm being sarcastic!

The requirement for CWI involvement is customer driven more so than being code driven. It is because of the hard earned reputation of hard working, diligent CWI's that the reputation of all CWIs are held in high regard. The CWI stamp is the CWI's signature and alerts the reader the inspection was performed by a CWI and report was written by a CWI. It is for that reason the CWI must strive to be professional in all aspects of his work. The written report is our deliverable to our client. The CWI should use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation when writing a report of his/her findings.  

The value of the stamp lies in the recognition it has with our customers. That recognition is earned by every CWI that strives to excel at their job and continues to improve their knowledge of  tasks they perform everyday. They set themselves apart from others (without the credential) by doing what right, doing what's honest, and maintaining a high level of integrity when others are willing to sell their soul for a dollar. The CWI isn't afraid to walk away from those situations that require the inspector to look the other way or to accept substandard work in order to keep their job.

In short, being a CWI is about honor, honesty, and integrity and protecting the unsuspecting public from unscrupulous contractors. It is about doing what's right everyday regardless of the assigned task. It is about accepting only those assignments for which the CWI is qualified to perform. What sets the CWI apart from other inspectors is their integrity and self respect.

It is the CWI responsibility to protect their reputation. Once the inspector's reputation is tarnished, his future as a CWI is short lived. It has been my experience that the number one reason why many CWIs have had short careers is because they let their sense of right and wrong falter. Protect your reputation and the reputation of every CWI by doing what's right in all situations at all times. Don't be afraid to take a stand, but know your ground, research the before taking a stand and choose your battles carefully. Know that your reputation is at stake every time you use that stamp and affix your signature to that document. 

Good luck in your new career. It won't be easy, but it can be very rewarding to know you made a difference. 

Best regards - Al
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