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- - By GRB (*) Date 01-16-2016 16:08
I was told last night that by 2018 that even with my CWI that I would be required to take the api 1169 test to continue to be a pipeline welding inspector. Wondering if this is true. Anyone know? Thanks
Parent - By CWI555 (*****) Date 01-17-2016 00:12
Be interested in that answer myself. I've heard the same thing, as well as it being required to have the 577.
Parent - By js55 (*****) Date 01-18-2016 13:19
API is definitely cognizant of all the money that ASME, AWS, ASNT, etc., are raking in, and they would like to get a piece of the pie.
Parent - By BABRTs973 (*) Date 01-25-2016 03:47
What this is covering is the knowledge and experience requirement for pipeline inspectors. What I see this becoming is the OQ requirements for the inspectors. Having a 653 used to free me from having to do the OQ for tank inspectors, However I have one client who is requiring me to have the OQ's for tank inspection in addition to the API certification. I also have my 577 as no one wanted to pay additional for the CWI and there is too much liability having certifications and not meeting the written requirements for the certs. In addition to the CWI I let my 570 expire as I was not doing piping inspections. I would not want to be setting in a deposition and being asked how many piping inspections I had done in the last three years when on my application I had sworn I had been doing them when in reality I was not doing it.
I know a lot of engineers who have never inspected a tank, vessel or a piping circuit but have the API certs. Not a place I want to be if I have to set in that chair being asked questions by lawyers.
I believe within 3 years all pipeline inspectors will need the 1169 to be considered for inspection on PHMSA regulated pipelines. Especially those inspecting on pipeline rehab projects. Wail against it, but that is not going to change things.
The pipeline companies are going to demand this and initially inspectors with it will be able to demand higher wages. And if API makes the test tough enough having it will be a mark of a better inspector. And I don't want to hear there are guys who are great inspectors who can't pass the test. Well there are great guys who did not pass high school. All this will mean is those with the certification have done extra to be able to work in the industry. There will always be a need for guys working on the gathering systems where the 1169 MAY not be required. Again the high school drop out is paid less because they are perceived to be less educated than one with the diploma.
- By mwmw (**) Date 01-18-2016 01:17
I wrote API about that awhile back and they said there was nothing definitive regarding it. I have noticed a lot more companies offering  API classes and online prep courses so it may be them starting most the rumors to get more people to sign up for their classes
- - By welderbrent (*****) Date 01-18-2016 04:18
More than likely it is from all the litigation and drive to cover all possible avenues of responsibility.  Resulted in all the endorsement programs to prove competent ability in various codes. 

But, many users of several of the API codes have insisted upon certification to that code through API for years. 

If said requirement happens it will most likely be Owner/Engineer and Contract Document driven, not so much code driven. 

He Is In Control, Have a Great Day,  Brent
Parent - - By mwmw (**) Date 01-19-2016 00:09
Has the 21st Edition even been adopted yet? I was told the DOT had not accepted it yet
Parent - - By welderbrent (*****) Date 01-19-2016 00:27
Not a code I really keep up on but I thought so.  I know AWS is testing to it.  Probably depends upon the authority having jurisdiction and the current projects being worked on.  Just like with D1.1, it usually takes a while before it is actually implemented as the applicable code.

He Is In Control, Have a Great Day,  Brent
Parent - By mwmw (**) Date 01-19-2016 04:44
AWS' Part C is based on the 20th edition (and the workbook). They will let you take it on the 21 st ed but they dont recommmend it since the study material does not follow it.
I used to have a 21st ed before i sold it and got the 20th ed for the test. I found the 21st ed easier to navigate because tables and figures where placed in the same sections they were referring to ....not 10 pages away
Parent - By js55 (*****) Date 01-25-2016 13:41
No. The 21st Edition has not been accepted by DOT yet. To their credit. This thing is a monster of over reach.
However, keep in mind it is a standard and not a Code, so if you find it being imposed on you scare them with the costs involved to comply. However, once the DOT accepts it everyone will treat it as a Code.
Parent - - By BABRTs973 (*) Date 01-28-2016 17:38
I think where you will see this is 192 and 195. PHMSA will require documentation of training and experience. API has the capabilities to do that. I see pipeline welding inspectors having to pas 1169 and 577. This will push CWI's out of the picture. I can see good and bad but after living under API since 1993 it is not so bad. Their certification process is a lot better than AWS in some respects and the test recert every 6 years keeps you updating on the standards.
Parent - - By jarsanb (***) Date 01-28-2016 21:30
I'm in favor of it personally. The CWI training and testing by itself falls far short of pipeline system inspection expectations. This industry is spread thin. I'm seeing CWI's as chief inspectors that came from potato chip factories, waste management, water...who've only been inspecting for a year or two. It's getting ridiculous. Friends and family network. A CWI with API 1169 seems to fill that gap better than just CWI. I sat through a seminar at a formidable training institution in Ohio on API 1104 a few years ago to acquire some pdh's, and although I have a lot of respect for those instructors, totally clueless and misinformed on the verbiage and criteria contained in 1104. At least offer training to the AWS CWI's training these people or get rid of testing to API 1104 as an option. I haven't sat through the 1169 seminar, so I can only hope it is done sufficiently and not intended to be a cash cow. The list of covered documents on their web site seems like it is sufficient and would help fill that gap.
Parent - By BABRTs973 (*) Date 02-05-2016 16:27
I think with the influx of new inspectors into the industry the last three years and many of them clearly not qualified the 1169 will help. For a inspector who is only going to do welding inspection the 1169 and CWI may be all one needs. But id that is ones career path, there is going to be a lot of down time. API 1169 test your abilities from performing one calls, trenching and excavation, coatings, CP etc. The industry is gearing up for a BUNCH of rehab work on older pipelines and if PHMSA gets its way they will regulate from the first valve down stream from the pump jack to the dispenser where you put gasoline into your car.  This will require more trained people to oversee this work. My company has problems getting foreman trained to do electronic timekeeping let alone keep up with all PHMSA is going to require in the future.
There will be a lot of opportunity for those who recognize what is coming. And a lot of whining from those who have not recognized the ground has shifted. And don't kid yourself. Regardless who wins the next election, things are not going back to the way they have been. This is baked in to the cake.
- - By tothemax Date 04-14-2017 22:33
A lot of information exists on the API and INGAA  websites on how to get certified and what certifications INGAA and CEPA member companies will require of our inspectors.  Hopefully all you guys who work pipeline are getting yours.  It's no where as difficult as the CWI and those who hold the certifications will have more work opportunities. 

In addition to CEPA and INGAA, I understand American Gas Association (AGA)  is also currently working on  a white paper on pipeline inspection in which they will also endorse the certifications for pipeline construction inspectors.  The liquid pipeline is already endorsing it.  With AGA  also endorsing it, all major liquids or gas pipelines in North America will be inspected with API 1169 certified inspectors. 

API 1169 is being established as the basic requirement that all levels of  inspector will need to have.  In addition to it, welding inspectors will be required to have AWS CWI.  Coating inspectors will be required to have NACE CIP Level 2.  Many anticipate that the  old CPWI John Wormley School of welding inspection certification will no longer be recognized on major pipeline construction projects. 

IMHO, it is clear  that improvements and standardization in experience requirements, competency, qualifications and certifications of inspectors across the pipeline industry can ultimately improve the quality of construction, integrity, reliability and longevity of pipelines as well as the safety of members of the public who live and work near these assets.   All of us and our families will be better off for it.
Parent - By BABRTs973 (*) Date 08-01-2017 15:50
I want to update the 1169 thread. I took and passed the API 1169 exam. No prep class. Just took the BOK and studied for a week at nights about 2 hours. This is not a hard test, but it is comprehensive. If all you know is welding inspection, well ya gonna have issues. Like the CWI hands on it makes sure you can navigate through the relevant standards and government regulations as it pertains to pipeline inspection. There is a bunch of questions on excavation safety and call before you dig. The relevance seems lost except the second cause of pipeline failures is unreported third party damage. Most of this damage occurs in new pipeline construction. So it does not make any difference what type of inspector you are, you will at some point be involved in excavation and call before you dig issues.
The total cost of the BOK books is <$500 and the test is $400. So for less than $1,000 you can get this certification. And if you meet the experience requirement and have been inspecting for any length of time and cannot pass this test, you do NOT need to be out there inspecting pipelines anyway! However if you look at the historical in July 2016 there were 325 candidates, 266 passes and 59 failed. That is a 81.9% pass rate. In May 2017 there were 1,357 API 1169 inspectors and API has really ramped up the testing on this program. I tool mine in June which was the third test cycle for the program this year and as I understand there will be two more test this year.
As for this being required, some companies are already mandating this certification respective of any others. I have already been contacted by companies offering employment. The wages are above standard inspector wages by about 30%. As I understand the program by June 2018 this will be a required certification for all inspectors working on FERC 192 regulated projects and projects in high consequence areas.
The testing centers make it easy to make the test. In my past test I had to travel to Houston to take the exams. This one was at UTPB in Odessa Texas and the process was painless.
- - By twinpoint Date 02-05-2018 21:27
Just took the 1169 test couple days ago. Not many questions on Body of Knowledge closed book items or inspection. Questions mostly on excavation and environmental topics so get to know the open book stuff. Lots of questions on stuff you don't need to know as an Inspector but I think they just want to see how good you are at digging through the regulations, etc. to find answers.

Beware of someone telling you how easy it is or they only studied a few hours (as in previous post).... Spend some time on it and it'll make the test easier.
Parent - - By Taylor59 Date 02-20-2018 00:34
Anyone know what is needed to pass this exam?  Writing in April.


Parent - By Maggs47 (**) Date 02-20-2018 15:28
Mostly correct answers :wink::evil:
Parent - By kazimgh Date 03-19-2018 06:19

         i am intendig to be appeared in api1169 exame in upcoming days,so please can you give me a favour to send  MCQS(Previous Questions) or relevant data of API-1169 for Exame preparation on

thanx in advance.
- - By C L WILLIAMS Date 04-03-2018 15:33
If you have recently been told that the API 1169 is required by the end of 2018 - You heard correctly.
  I am advised, being interviewed for mainline projects coming on line in January 2019 that No inspectors will be hired without the API 1169 certification.
My AWS CWI and API 570 certifications and 36 years experience notwithstanding, I am currently enrolled in an EWN NETWORLD with an exam scheduled 2 June.
     In January of 2016 after studying this program, the Boards of both the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) and the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA), which represent many of the pipeline owners in North America, voted to endorse having 100% of the pipeline inspectors who work for their member companies obtain the API 1169 certification by the end of 2018. INGAA and CEPA made this decision in order to enhance the quality of pipeline construction.

C. L. Williams
Chief Inspector
Williams ASR Project
Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 04-03-2018 21:16
Thanks for the heads up. :cool:
Parent - By Andrew Mixon Date 08-29-2018 20:20
I'm going over the info I am able to find for the 1169, as I'm scheduled to take the test in October.  Some very useful information here.  The company I work for--engineering and pipeline inspection only, has a total of 1 client who's even  mentioned the 1169.  I'm taking it strictly for this client.  I've been a CWI since 1998, API 510, API 570 and API 936 since the late 90's, NDE Lv III for over a decade and have been in the field for over 25 years.  This client says 'yeah, but do you have the 1169?'.  Lol  never ceases to amaze.  I plan on beating the BOK to death, and as a PM on so many projects my familiarity with all aspects of project coordination will help.  I appreciate everyone sharing their experiences here and find it an excellent source for information.
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