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- - By msharitt (**) Date 02-09-2016 20:54
This may seem like an odd question. And maybe the scenario in my head never comes up in real life. D1.1(2010) FCAW WPS qualifications. I'll try to ask the question directly then I'll explain why it's confusing me.

ASTM A 514(AR400) 1/2" duct work. CJP. Table 4.2 tells me that to test a WPS for 1/2" that I need 2 reduced section tension and 4 side bends. Also note (a) states that it's subject to NDT as well.

Given the properties of A514, I can't imagine it bending with 4 side bends. I'm not worried about the weld break, just the properties of the steel don't allow it to bend like that without breaking.

My question is how do you qualify such a joint? This isn't a problem I'm having in my shop I'm just curious? Does this happen with other metals that maybe under NDT they look fine. But the properties of the metal don't allow enough elongation for a bend test? Does this have to come from an engineer to be approved? Anyone ever run into this? Thanks
Parent - By Lawrence (*****) Date 02-09-2016 21:27
I think you will find yourself in AWS B2.1 Figure B5A, B5B, or B5C

Those figures provide guidance for bend plunger radii as it relates to Material numbers found in B2.1 Table IV-2 

As far as I can see the A514 Alloys all fell into (11B)   But I didn't look that closely.
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 02-09-2016 22:31
AWS D1.1 allows for additional bend radius based upon the base metal yield strength. If you look at the figure for the bend fixture, it is there.

It will bend at the proper radius. If the yield is way over 90KSI there may be issues but you should try it 1st. Its how the code says to qualify it. If you don't want to test your welds, bend a piece cut from the plate.
- - By msharitt (**) Date 02-10-2016 13:18
Thank you both. I didn't think to look in B2.1. Also I guess I overlooked the yield strength in the table.
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 02-10-2016 23:16
Note that AR400 does not meet the requirements of A514. Two slightly different mfg processes. If you are getting 400BHN out of A514, it's not A514.

AR 400 will have a higher yield than the grades/types of A514 available. The chemical composition may be the same however the heat treatment applied is different.
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