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- - By DJR Date 03-11-2016 05:42
for many students that are pursuing a welding career by taking a welding class in high school and some of the high schools that have a welding program require senior projects and as a senior at my high school I am required to do a project and I chose welding and I am required to write a research paper and for one of the topics in welding I chose to have job security as a topic and I am finding it hard to find a bunch of information on job security is there any information that anyone can reflect upon me for my paper?
Parent - By aevald (*****) Date 03-11-2016 06:58
Hello DJR, go to the main page of the AWS website. Use the search function and type in various questions captioned and referring to your question. You should find a lot of information there that you can also "site the source of". This doesn't mean that you would necessarily be in the employ of the same company for an extremely long time as in the past with a lot of companies, but more so indicates that you will be employable and employed for a long time to come if you have the skills and drive to do so. Good luck and best regards, Allan
Up Topic Sections / Section 135: Nevada / Job security questions

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