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- - By Richman (**) Date 03-23-2016 18:42 Edited 03-23-2016 20:14
if the WPS mentioned maximum base material thickness range is 18.7mm and the actual material to be weld is 18.26 with 3mm cladding can we used this WPS for welding the above mentioned thickness of materials.My understanding on this matter is that the base materials mentioned on the WPS is for the LTCS pipe only not including the cladding. Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.
Parent - - By Don56 (**) Date 03-24-2016 20:50
If you are using the WPS only to weld the backer then you are in compliance.
Parent - - By Richman (**) Date 03-26-2016 14:49 Edited 03-26-2016 15:10
WPS states also the materials is with 3mm clad. The joint is to be welded completely.
Parent - - By Don56 (**) Date 04-05-2016 19:00
On the WPS, 18.7mm is not a range.  Is this the max end of the range?  Does 18.7mm include the 3mm clad?  What is the low end of the range?  Is this for Section VIII work?
Parent - - By Richman (**) Date 04-07-2016 05:45
It didn't specifically states the 3mm is included in in 18.7mm, its only states 18.7mm max. To be welded, but the WPS(ASME IX/ B31.3) is for pipe with 3mm cladding. This is for B31.3 code.
Parent - - By Jovi Zhu (**) Date 04-12-2016 11:34
Usually, this needs to be treated separetely. Pipe base material welding supported by qualified WPS + cladding ("special process") supported by separete WPS.
Parent - By Richman (**) Date 04-13-2016 04:22
Thank you guys for the info.
- - By youngcwi (*) Date 06-21-2016 15:42
Hello experts,

I hope you can shed some light on the issue. I developed a WPS for GTAW (stringer and hot pass) and FCAW (fill and cap.) Code used was SEC.9  and the base material was 4130 to API 5L X70. We did have impacts so I created one WPS for 4130 to API 5L X70 (P1 G3) material and also created one WPS for 4130 to P1 materials when there is no impacts required. Now my question is, will I be able to weld 4130 to itself? I have looked at the code and I'm kind of confused. Being that the 4130 is an unassigned metal I'm not sure if I am qualified to weld 4130 to itself.  In QW-403.5 it says, "In addition, when base metals of two different PNumber Group Number combinations are qualified using a single test coupon, that coupon qualifies the welding of those two P-Number Group Numbers to themselves as well as to each other using the variables qualified."  So am I qualified to weld 4130 to 4130 or do I have to make a new PQR and WPS to do so? If you need any other additional info from my end please let me know, thanks.
Parent - - By In Tension (**) Date 06-22-2016 00:51
See QW 424.1 (2015).... An unassigned base metal to itself requires separate qualification.  Good luck!
Parent - By youngcwi (*) Date 06-22-2016 14:40
Thanks a million Sir
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