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- - By galencwi Date 03-27-2016 17:19
Does anyone have some pointers before taking the CWI API exam.

I have tons of study materials.   For those of you that have taken and passed I was curious if there are some things you would focus more on in hindsite prior to the exam?

Parent - - By phinojosar (*) Date 03-27-2016 17:53
I recently took the CWI exam and here are a couple of advices my tutor and found some posts in forums also, that worked for me:

If you cant find the answer to a question, pass it and when you finish come back to make it, time is very limited.

You can put post its and mark your book, do a couple of practice tests and whatever you think is gonna be in just mark it.

I used post its to separate each chapter, so I could go and find info fast.

Not necessary to know the API 1104 by memory but read it a good couple of times so you can identify what section to look the question.

I see you are a NDT so its nearly same as any specific test done for a method so you wont have much problem on this part!

Hope it helps you, bests of lucks for your tests.

Best regards.
Parent - By galencwi Date 03-27-2016 18:00
Thank you phinojosar!
Parent - - By Vansledge (*) Date 03-31-2016 12:59
pls i would like you to explain things a bit for me about NDT, here in Nigeria some forks do trained people on NDT level 2 and the certificate is sign by level # personnel so doing my researched i found out that ASNT does not capture their certificate in their database (Level 2). my question is how can i do the real thing (or is their form of certification a prerequisite to the real thing) pls i will love ur response. Thanks
Parent - - By phinojosar (*) Date 03-31-2016 15:04
I am not 100% sure of this but as far as I know you can be certified by ASNT by three forms:
                - ACCP
                - SNT-TC-1a
                - CP-189

SNT-TC-1a and CP-189 are both employer based, so a NDT Level III signs the certificate and a representative from the company (General Manager, NDT Supervisor, or so). The test is made by the employer or some level III asigned by the company, according to their written practice and the certificate remains valid till the NDT Tech leaves the company. It doesn't have registration on the ASNT but the employer must have a database with all the certificate numbers. You can obtain Level II through ASNT you do both exams in ASNT, but practical exam depends of your current employer, this certifies the individual, independent if he changes of employer.

ACCP is different because the test is made in the ASNT, not in the company so this one certifies the individual also.

Hope it helps!
Parent - - By Vansledge (*) Date 03-31-2016 15:20
yes am grateful for ur reply, finally what's ur advise for a CWI who still want to go ahead wit some NDT( which channel is best for him). thanks
Parent - By phinojosar (*) Date 03-31-2016 15:44
I would start with PT, at least where I live it is more used than MT and is a first step to NDT.
- By mwmw (**) Date 03-28-2016 01:43
Have you done any of the 1104 practice test?  I did a couple in addition to reading ,tabbing AND high lighting it very well. My book looked like a Christmas tree with all the colors but it was a system that worked good for me. I finished part C in about 65 minutes and only missed 2.
You will know when you are ready....when you stop flipping thru pages and start going to the exact section;)
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