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- - By phinojosar (*) Date 04-15-2016 13:27
I recently was contacted by an european company that has operations in my country and  had an interview with them, in some of the questions made they asked me if I had experience with european standards beside API or ASME so I have a question regarding this issue.

Is there an equivalent for API in Europe? For example API 570 standard has an ISO and further is there a certification that one can obtain?

I know SNT-TC-1a has it's pair ISO 9712, not same but similar. So was asking myself if API or ASME have ISO standars also.

Thanks for your time!
Parent - By Joey (***) Date 05-03-2016 04:51
For sure there is an equivalent in european standard. But it is not easy to remember the number unless you are always using it in everyday's work. For example BS EN 287 & 288 (welding and welder qualfication test) are now replaced by EN ISO 9606-1 and 15607 respectively. Your curriculum vitae submitted to employer should have indicated your past experiences. During the  interview, your answers should be supported by your CV.

Bear in mind that some experience interviewer especially those agency doing a manpower supply will make you feel unconfortable by giving tricky questions. Their questions will depend on your body language. If you're too confident during the interview, the mentality is you will be hard to deal with in terms of salary negotiation...therefore the questions might be much tougher.
Up Topic Welding Industry / Inspection & Qualification / API Standards for Europe

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